Hello Indy Reds!! This is a new site/blog we are going to start. This is going to be for more long form match previews and/or reviews, tactics & lineup articles & supporters features etc. The articles will mostly be written by you smart, insightful Indy Reds out there reading this.

As we are first getting the ball rolling, We will be relying heavily on you for contributions. If you have any ideas for articles or want to write something go for it and you can email it to LFCIndy7@gmail.com

Hopefully we can get a good combo going of both articles for our Numbers/Stat crunching/Analyzing folks who love reading those type of things and also some more light hearted pieces like supporters spotlight and off the wall subjects like beer review for during match/tailgate.

As time goes on we will most likely have some regular contributors who do the match previews or reviews etc.

Big fan of “spotlighting” one of our Indy Reds each week too about how they came to love LFC & other interesting facts about them. We will just randomly select some folks here over the next few weeks & we can do the interview over email or something. Think this will be a good way for all of our Indy Reds to get to know each other a little better outside of the traditional Matchday/Tailgate setting.

Not very experienced with this whole blog/website thing so if the page looks a little bland for a little bit sorry(I did get the twitter feed on the front page so a little proud of that).

By people contributing content it will take a little pressure off of me(Nile) & ease the work load of keeping up with twitter/facebook/club news/family life etc.

I will try and see about maybe getting a calendar on here too, that way we can update it with match info & even non match meet ups.

Little by little we keep expanding & growing and this is just one more aspect of that. We had a phenomenal first year in my opinion building the base & getting the Supporters Club started. Now with Official status potentially on the horizon it is time to step up our game some & keep growing & building our presence in the city & online. I know with all of your help we will turn into one of the most passionate & insightful & well respected Supporters clubs in the city and country.


Like I said before feel free to email with any ideas or suggestions or comment below.






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