Morning Update: Preseason MatchDay

Good morning Indy Reds! The preseason matches kick off today. First up Agger’s old club in Denmark; Brondby. LFC will trot out a pretty young squad for this one. Always exciting to watch some of the young promising lads play. Here is the 23 man squad for the match. Biggest Omissions are Can/Enrique & all of the folks from the World Cup.

The match is Live on TV on Comcast SportsNet. Or if you have LFCTV(which is a pretty sweet thing to have) it is on there also. Pregame is at 11am, Kickoff is at Noon. **UPDATE** Game is also being broadcast live on NBC Sports Extra online.

We are inching closer to the big Chicago match! Some updates on events happening. On Friday night there is going to be an event at LFC Chicago’s home pub AJ Hudson’s. It will feature former keeper Bruce Grobbelaar & is sponsored by Jamie Carraghers 23 foundation. Tickets are $10, info & tickets available here

Other events that are happening for Chicago are: There is going to be an event Saturday night that will have the legends Ian Rush & Robbie Fowler in attendance. This event will be 1st come 1st serve & it is sounding like it overlaps a training session that might be going on before hand down at Soldier Field so people might have to pick one or the other. More details to come soon.

Parking lots are scheduled to open up around 1 we are hearing. Guinness is going to have a “fun zone” going on with beers for sale etc. So should be able to tailgate around then. Match is at 5pm. LFC Chicago is going to have a few bar stops day of the game. Same thing more details to come. Chicago is going to be amazing, as we start getting closer here we will for sure have more details & we need to try and set up a meeting before hand so we can get a big group picture of everyone from LFC Indy at the game.

We had one of our Indy Reds do a preliminary mock up of a Scarf(here is the link, there is two pictures one for each side you can click on). It is a work in progress but it is a good starting off point & good to get suggestions on & make revisions too. If you have any ideas or can/want to do any other mockups go for it please & send them in.

Morning Transfer Facts & Rumors:

We signed Markovic officially yesterday. LFC have been pretty productive so far this transfer window, still going to be folks coming in and out.

Aspas was loaned to Sevilla.

LFC & Sevilla are like a Katy Perry song with the Moreno talks: They’re Hot then they’re cold They’re Yes and then No (I apologize already for that)

LFC apparently bid 8mil for Swansea LB Davies but Swans want 10mil and Spurs might jump on it.

For other Rumor news you can check out The Echo Where else do you go for LFC news?

This is Anfield always has some nice info & articles. Anfield Index has some nice articles & pods. RedMen TV requires a subscription but sometimes there is some free stuff they are usually entreating. Obviously LFC’s website is a go to place & Men In Blazers are a must listen to each week.

Had some good responses yesterday to people who want to contribute to the site. We should be in for some good features coming up.

Have a great day Indy Reds. Get that DVR set for the Match today Noon kickoff. We were blasted for the last month with Soccer Mania & it just keeps on rolling now with LFC season kicking into gear & also our hometown Indy Eleven starting their fall season. Huge congrats to them picking up their 1st win. Support in this city has been mind blowing.






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