Chicago Week

REDS ARE INVADING THE USA! No its not Red Dawn,  It is Chicago Week! Your RedMen touched down in the USA last night. They are in Boston right now, they will practice today at Harvard, tomorrow(Tuesday) at Fenway & then play Wednesday in Boston at Fenway park, then they will be off to the Windy City Chicago.

For the Match Wednesday 7:30pm kickoff, we should #PackTheJack for this first time this year. Rare to have an evening match so would be great time for all of the Indy Reds to head out to the Pub get some good food & drinks & watch our Reds play at Historic Fenway.

Ok on to Chicago. I’m sure a lot of you have seen on Twitter & Facebook about the events & happenings that are going on in Chicago. If not or if you need a reminder here is what is going down: Friday night there is an event with Bruce Grobbelaar & The 23 foundation($10) Saturday there is a training session at Soldier Field but it is currently full & Chicago is saying no more tickets will be opened up for it. There was only 250 tickets for it & Chicago had 500 ask for tickets, I don’t know how people got tickets so unless ICC opens up more tickets that is sold out. The BIG EVENT is Saturday night at AJ Hudson’s LFC Chicago home bar. Ian Rush & Robbie Fowler will be there. They are expecting the place to be at Capacity between 3-4pm. Event isn’t until 7 and Rushie/Robbie wont be there until 9, so if you are going to that make sure you get up there super early, hang out at the bar eat some food drink some beer make a day of it.  Sunday day of the match They are having get together/events at 3 different bars. AJ Hudson’s again(on North Side) O’Neil’s on Wells(in the loop area) & then The Scout(which is on Wabash by stadium) Guinness is suppose to have some kind of “Fan Zone” in the South Parking Lot of the Stadium also. Hopefully we can all get together before the match for a big Indy Reds group picture.

Scarves: We have had a few really nice submissions/mockups for Supporters Club Scarves. Here is some pictures of them below. Very good designs.

Keep the designs coming, comment below on which one is your favorite so far or any suggestions on them. We also had someone make a mockup of a flag which would look AfreakingMazing flying at an Indy XI match or on a tshirt. If any of you artistic folks are up for buying a City flag & painting it that would be pretty neat.

Pre-Season keeps on rolling: Here is wrap up of Liverpool’s come from behind win thanks to the youngsters at Preston North End on Saturday.

The LFC Indy Fantasy League is still taking in new members before the season begins. It is a fun time.

If any of you have written any articles for the upcoming season or anything like that make sure to get those emailed to us so we can post them.

Please Please Please, get that LFC Membership renewed or get a new one here as soon as possible. We are extremely close to going over the limit for sending our application in to LFC to become an Official Supports Club. If you don’t plan on going to Anfield the International Membership is the best option. Really cool flag this year that you get.

That is it for now. Sorry for the limited posts over the weekend, (it was my Wife’s birthday) Look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday at Union Jack’s & also on Sunday.



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