Yes That Happened

Yes that is you at Soldier “An”Field watching Liverpool play!
WOW what a weekend & what a time to be a Liverpool supporter here in the United States.
I hope & I’m sure everyone had a great time while up in Chicago.

(Some of our Indy Reds during Halftime)

Keep those pictures coming on Twitter & Facebook from your weekend.
It was great to see that some of our Indy Reds made it out to some of the events around town during the weekend.
Still wrapping my head around that we were there watching LFC play & that we were that close to Stevie G & Brendan Rodgers.

Well Indy Reds back here in the Circle City we are inching closer & closer to the season starting & we are on the tipping point of hitting our goal for Indy Reds having LFC memberships. We need 15 & we are right there ready to hit & go over it. Once we do we will get that paperwork submitted to LFC & then the praying & hoping & waiting starts until October when they start reviewing & accepting new Supporters Clubs. I honestly think that even though we have only been around for 1 year the growth we have had in that one year is EXTREMELY impressive.
The LFC Memberships are like $40. It gets you a discount at the online store, the home matchday program in your email each week, LFC magazine online, plus you get a really nice welcome package with a sweet flag & some other goodies. If you aren’t going to a game over in England the International membership is the best one to pick.

One last thing before I recap a quick bits of LFC news: As most of you Indy Reds know. I (Nile) do all of the posting/communication etc for LFC Indy, and as some of you know My Wife & I are expecting our 2nd child this fall. With that I’m going to be a little limited in my time. The great thing about us growing so much in our first year is that I now have a treasure chest of Indy Reds with many skill sets. So starting now and through the next couple weeks you might see some other people taking over some of the tweeting & posting for LFC Indy. I will still be involved & I will still post things occasionally & still help but just won’t be as much. So I NEED YOUR HELP Indy Reds. If you think you would like to or would be good at helping out with the social media part of LFC Indy, If you enjoy being up to date on all the happenings of LFC & like communicating with other people & helping to grow our Supporters Club please email
It will end up being 1 maybe 2 people that we will pick to help out with twitter/facebook. As for the blog, please if you have any ideas or any type of post that you would like to put up please email it over, & we will put it up.
I never could of imagined last year when I created just a simple twitter page to try and get Indy Reds together that we would of blown up this much this fast. A lot of time & effort has gone into help build the foundation for our Supporters Club & we will keep on growing.

Ok on to some quick news:
LFC have finally signed a Defender! Dejan Lovren from who else Southampton has joined the squad. He will wear #6. He is a really nice signing, versatile CB.

LFC also signed Divock Origi the youngster from Belgium. He is one of the hottest talents out of Europe & out of Belgium who just keeps pumping out players these last few years.

The Loic Remy deal fell through after he failed his medical.

Adam Lallana is out for 6 weeks with a knee injury. He will miss the first 3 games.

I found this hilarious: Daniel Sturridge & Jordan Ibe had a Hip Hop Trivia contest in NYC. Hendo is sitting in the background & Studge makes a nice reference to the 90’s Nick show All That with the Good Burger welcoming. Also him saying “Are you Having a Laugh” Ricky Gervais style is funny.

I saved it for the end, yes I did get to meet Brendan Rodgers during the training session & he signed my scarf. Very happy & proud he is our manager. He is one of the good ones.

Also as most of you have seen, I could of never dreamed this would happen but somehow LFC ended up putting me into the MatchDay programs for all of the matches in the USA this tour. I was extremely surprised by this & I have no idea why I was one of the 10 people they picked to feature.





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