Boom Shakalaka

Yes the headline says it all, if you grew up on some NBA Jam that is what I wanted to yell out once I found out this… WE DID IT INDY REDS! We hit all of the numbers we need to hit to submit our paperwork to become an Official Liverpool Supporters Club. We were sitting at just under the mark for a while and then after the match in Chicago the membership numbers rolled in to take us over the mark! We are going to close it off on Day of the first match 08/17. So if you are going to renew or purchase a new LFC membership do so by then & get that membership number sent to us so we can add it to the list. If you do get one after the deadline still send the membership number though so that we have it for our records for the next year.
If you are on Twitter and you are an Indy Red you were added to a list on our page. Should be a good way to keep track of how many people from Indy area follow us & also easy to find people & connect. Currently at the moment we have about 110 folks from the Central Indiana area that we consider Indy Reds, we also currently have 18 people with LFC memberships(would like to see that number higher) Still not bad at all for LFC Indy only being around for a year, we organized pretty fast. I’m really liking our chances come October to become Official.
In other LFC Indy news: We have decided on the 3 person board for the 2014-2015 season. The board serves a couple different purposes. First we need one to become Official. Second they will help guide our Supporters Club & help to make the decisions that need to be made on things like Logo/Scarves/Shirts/Events etc. We are thinking of possibly adding a 4th member to the board. The 3 members are:
Chairmen Nile Smith
Treasurer Lucas White
Secretary James Box
Also happening this weekend we will have our first guest tweeter. This will be the first of a couple different people that we will try out, and then once we land on someone they will be the one to help out come the fall during matchdays when we will need Social Media help.

Alright on to some team news.

LFC came from behind twice to draw 2-2 after 90 minutes then won it on penalties. Sterling was massive during the match. Can also looked really sharp when he came in. Was a fun match to watch. One of our Indy Reds Dave Hall was at the match(Also Jay the owner of Indy Anfield Union Jack Pub was there) both said it was an amazing atmosphere. The Charlotte crowd tomorrow night has to bring it to keep up to the standard Chicago & NYC laid out.

Match tomorrow is at 6:30pm on NBCSN v AC Milan.

Some Transfer news: LFC apparently are going in for a Double Swoop this weekend to get fullbacks Moreno & Manquillo. If this happens & is true it will be massive for LFC. Would help to fill some massive holes on the team. Would have a really strong lineup.
Dortmund apparently want to sell Hummels to United but they want LFC player Ilori to bring in on loan to replace him.

Well that is all for now. The USA tour is coming to a close soon, Although we do have a chance to potentially play United in the Final of this tournament. Hope everything works out with the guest tweeter this weekend(This will be the first time since LFC Indy was created that it isn’t Nile posting anything, so it is kind of like leaving your baby for the first time to go somewhere for the evening )




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