Indy Red Fan Focus

Welcome back to another edition of our Indy Red Fan Focus. The first of our two features this week in celebration of the start of the new season is one of our female Indy Reds Eavan. You have probably seen her at the Indy Eleven matches or on social media.


Name: Eavan Warfel

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? I chose my EPL team about 5 years ago, after having been a soccer fan in general for many years.  My husband & I were having lunch one afternoon, and he just decided we should pick teams so we could jump in and become serious fans.  He chose, ahem, Chelsea, because he’s an a**hole.  I knew I’d pick Liverpool, and that was that.  I suppose the universe wanted me to experience further emotional strife…it’s been a long 5 years as a Red, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First LFC memory? Aside from my first few matches watching with the rabid soccer crowd at Chatham Tap downtown, my most vivid memory was receiving my first LFC jersey.  Of course, I went with the #7 Suarez.  Because again, I must love emotional strife.
Favorite LFC memory? Celebrating last season’s 2nd place finish with my bros at Union Jack.
Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? At least one Carlsberg per match, even at 8 am.
Where were you during Istanbul? Not yet a card-carrying LFC supporter, in May 2005 I was still on active duty at Camp Atterbury with the Indiana Army National Guard.  Wish I could’ve experienced that match in real time, but I did read the Wikipedia page about it, if that counts for anything.
Favorite Current Player and Why? Gerrard, Sturridge, Coutinho, Sterling…..after Suarez took his thrice-conceived epic swan dive from grace, I love my team collectively.  I couldn’t choose just one player.  I also cherish Agger and even thuggish-ruggish-bone-own-goal Skrtel.
If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? Tie for Carragher or Gerrard.  As a newer fan, these guys epitomize the team for me.   Just to chat with them about their experiences, and how being an integral part of such a legendary organization has impacted their lives…….man.  I mean, how incredible would that be?
Favorite LFC kit ever? While I have so much love for Bryan’s ecru number, I do super love the early ’80s away kits.  Harkening back to when I was born, the Umbro, yellow with red pinstripes, Dalglish, league wins under Bob Paisley, it doesn’t get better.  Sidebar: I love that this ’14-’15 season is going back to yellow aways.
You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? Hash it out in the Boot Room.  I don’t know a whole lot about actually playing soccer, so I’d just be happy to be there with the people who do, and throw in my 2 cents every now and then.  “Get Johnson outta here!” might be something I’d suggest.  I don’t begrudge him his moments of greatness, but srsly. (!!)
Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? 99% from Twitter.  LFC Indy, Guardian, Bleacher Report UK, Liverpool Echo, @LFC_Blog, and other LFC fans.  Also some transfer “news” sites, but with plenty of salt.
LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?UJ’s, duh.  And then let the mayhem develop from there.  I’d be taking the following day off work, obviously.
Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Emre Can is FIERCELY exciting.
Favorite LFC Goal? Not a fave goal, but a fave match for sure.  May 2012, during an abysmal season, we were sensational against Chelsea in league play.  It was kind of a bright spot.  Suárez scored, Chelsea had an own goal, Hendo scored, then Shelvey (Skrtel’s less-scary older brother) was pretty magnificent, some other stuff happened, and we won.  By, like, a lot.  I don’t get many “in your face!” moments against my husband’s Chelsea side, but this was one and it was awesome.
Have you ever seen LFC play in person? YES.  Chicago this past July 27 vs Olympiacos.  It was one of the best weekends ever I’ve had in my life, only second to my completely magical wedding.
What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  I am from northern California, so San Francisco teams are my jam.  I am a faithful Giants, Niners, and Warriors fan.  Baseball is my favorite sport aside from soccer.  I also appreciate good food, and cooking really excellent food has developed into a sort of helpful hobby with my husband and 3 stepchildren to feed all the time.  Growing as much of said food as possible has become another side hobby.  Local craft beer/wine/spirits all fit in there as well.
Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Hmmm.  I love the rotating selection at Union Jack, so I don’t often have the same local beer during matches.  I will, however, volunteer the idea that some avid local home brewer & LFC supporter create a red IPA or other red ale to be dubbed our local supporter club’s beer.  This season, my match day plan is to drink as much of Scarlet Lane’s Vivian Red IPA as possible.  So just prepare for that, guys.
What makes you most proud to support LFC? The camaraderie is unbelievable.  I feel a stronger bond with fellow Reds than I ever could have imagined.  You see the Liverbird on someone’s shirt, regardless of where you are, and you know that’s a friend.  It’s definitely a cool thing.
Best thing about being an Indy Red? Being a part of this great group of people who have a wonderful opportunity to represent our city on a national and even an international scale.  We are ever expanding, and I think we have so many resources to attract soccer-minded folks to future LFC Indy events, both growing the interest for LFC here, and demonstrating our dedication abroad.  Chalk that up to my innate optimism and grandiose plans.


Thanks Eavan! Like the idea of an Indy Red craft beer. We have a few female Indy Reds which is always good to see that isn’t just one big boys club.

On to some quick LFC News/Rumors:
LFC is supposedly lining up a deal for the free transfer of former Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o. Has to be for depth purposes, no way he slots into starting lineup.
The ongoing saga with Fullback Alberto Moreno continues.
LFC played a behind closed doors friendly yesterday.

In LFC Indy news, We keep on adding memberships which is great. We are up to 700 followers on Twitter(which seems crazy to me that it is that high) If you have any scarf designs send them over. If you do make a scarf design try to incorporate the LFC Indy logo that we’ve been using(The Liverbird in the state flag) Here is a link to our Indy Red Lou Carranza who created the logo on flicker. Yellow Version (which has been the overwhelming favorite) White Version
Would like to start getting the scarf ideas narrowed down to a couple, so we can start the process of ordering them so they get here close to when we become official.

5 more day Indy Reds! If you haven’t already get those plans set to head to Union Jacks for the match Sunday 8:30am Kickoff.
Also over the next few weeks if you happen to stop in at Chatham Tap downtown, you might want to take a gander at their Fantasy Premier League Trophy, you might see a familiar name of an Indy Red on the trophy.



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