Indy Red Fan Focus Part 2

As promised here is the 2nd of our two Indy Red Fan Focus features this week to kick off the season. Up now is a guy who I have known for a while & I’m sure you’ve seen him out at Union Jack for the matches.

Name: Rustin Kratz

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? My first club traveling soccer team coach was from Liverpool. I was nine years old. My mother made me lie about my age to make the team because it was U12. I made the team

First LFC memory? My brother studied abroad in England for a few years in the early 90s. He asked what he could bring home for me. I replied a red Liverpool kit. He brought it home and I was so excited. The Adidas equipment jersey from the ’91-’92 season

Favorite LFC memory? So many that it’s hard to pick. Especially since TV coverage was so scarce until the recent years. So I’ll just say when I hear YNWA before every Anfield match I tingle a little bit

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? Kit and scarf a must, and of course a few pints no matter what time of day

Where were you during Istanbul? I was home with my two year old daughter. Very emotional


Favorite Current Player and Why? Joe Allen, just kidding. Of course it’s the skippa! He represents everything Liverpool. On and off the field he’s a great role model. Father, leads by example, fire, captain. CAPTAIN FANTASTIC!

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? Fernando Torres. I would just like to tell him he’s an idiot. Suarez and Torres, what could have been. And to tell him my daughter cried when I told her he left. It was her first lesson to her little innocent mind that there’s no loyalty in sport

Favorite LFC kit ever? My ’91-’92 Adidas equipment with the Candy sponsorship

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? Nothing as of now, seems we’re in a good place

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? Echo or Twitter

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area? Wherever the Indy Reds are at!!

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play? I would say Sterling as a young player but seems he’s a vet now even though he’s only 19! I think it’s his time to really break through and get to the fifteen goal plateau. New player I would say Lovren. I just feel he can command that back four like Carra used too which I think was lost last year. Seemed Gerrard would have to drop back and do it to much

Favorite LFC Goal? Whew another question with too many to choose. In recent memory it has to be Coutinho versus Man City last year. That’s when “Make Us Dream” really kicked in for me. Especially after these dismal recent years

Have you ever seen LFC play in person? Yep in Chicago this year! Planning a Anfield visit in the next few years


What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have? Yankees, University of Michigan, Colts.I golf when I can but it’s hard as I’m a stay at home dad with my six month old. I also really enjoy playing FIFA online with LFC.But my biggest hobby are my two little ladies and watching them grow. I coach my 11 year olds soccer team and have frequently since she was three. She had a game on my wedding day May 11, 2013. Somebody during our rehearsal dinner dared her she couldn’t score seven, she scored 11. The coach on the other team approached me after the game saying I should’ve played her in the back for the second half. But I kept her at the #10 as I always do. I replied “then your team wouldn’t have made it past half field on this day.” He had no response.



Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Diagnosed gluten intolerant two years ago right before the Indy local beer market exploded. So I can’t really elaborate. If I could choose it would be a stout for the early 7:30am matches and the hoppiest IPA for the 11am and later matches

What makes you most proud to support LFC? Tradition. YNWA. Anfield. Respect. Steven Gerrard. Supporters. Love. Passion. Grit

Best thing about being an Indy Red? I’ll never forget starting a new job and I was wearing my kit. From about fifty cubicles away I hear YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE from Nile Smith.
***Editors Note*** This is true I did do this, I was so excited to see another LFC fan at work. Most people would think you are a crazy person but not a fellow Red.
I also try and make it to matches at Union Jack’s when I can. And when I do there might only be a few for those 7:30 matches but there are some, always. Even this past winter when we had that horrible weather I would show up and find a few guys there. I even sat next to guy once that was actually from Liverpool, I think we named him Scouser Jack. He expressed how impressed he was how aware we Americans were about tactics and the game itself. That meant a lot to me.

Thank you Rustin!

On to some LFC News:

As you’ve heard we finally landed Spanish Fullback Alberto Moreno. He should be a great addition to the team & backline. Him & Manquillo on either side with Lovren & either Sakho or Skrtel, is one strong back line. Lil Ol Ian Ayre did a mighty good job so far bringing in the folks that Rodgers wanted.
Kolo Toure has shot down a move to Turkey. He said he wants to stay & fight for his spot. (Someone wants another Winners Medal)
There is now a new Academy Director, Alex Inglethorpe lots of promising Academy Players coming up so hopefully everything works out.
In some very good news to hear LFC have stated that a 2016 USA tour has been “Penciled In” after the great success of this last USA tour. That is wonderful news for us because we will be official by then & never know might get a Midwest stop. Best guess is they will go to Boston first & then hit up the West Coast because they haven’t been out there. Why not stop in Indy to break up the flight & give the Midwest it’s Fix?!

In LFC Indy News:
You guys have done phenomenal this week getting those LFC memberships & getting them to us. We had a massive jump in numbers this past week. We are up to 35 people with LFC memberships. Those folks with LFC memberships will have first access for Pre-Ordering our Inaugural Supporters Club Scarves.   Speaking of Scarves, please get those designs to us so we can start narrowing down the choices & decide on one.

Here is a cool looking Banner that one of our Indy Reds Lou created.

Season is almost ready to start, make sure you get to Union Jack Pub on Sunday 8:30am kickoff. Bring a friend. Come watch the Poetry In Motion.






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