Weekend Recap


Wow talk about a great way to kick off the season! Above you’ll see a picture of most of the Indy Reds who came out to Union Jack Pub for the 1st match of the year. Was great to see some familiar faces & lots of new faces & meet a lot of you Indy Reds.  There was some great energy in the pub & great beer on tap & even though the play on the pitch wasn’t the prettiest at times we still came up with the 3pts. 2-1 win Goals from Sterling  & Sturridge. The Henderson pass to Sterling for the 1st goal was a beauty! Take A Look! New signings Lovren & Manquillo started while Rickie Lambert came of the bench. One surprise was not seeing new signing Emre Can get the start or get subbed on. Should see him & new signing Alberto Moreno next week v City.
After the match the festivities continued as our chairman Nile accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was issued by Indy Spurs.
LFC Indy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: http://youtu.be/axfhe0_IHsM

Here is an action shot of the water coming out of the buckets. Great job catching that shot Jim!


Overall it was a great morning & great way to kick off the season. Very happy with the crowd that showed up. Hope to see that amount & more each week.

As you may have seen online we did submit the paperwork to LFC to become an Official Supporters Club. We blew away the numbers we we’re expecting to get. Great job. LFC reviews new applications in October. Should hear of we are approved around the start of the year it is sounding like.
If you haven’t yet got your LFC membership don’t fret you still can. Please get that membership number sent to us so we can add you to the overall list. If you are one of the Indy Reds who has an LFC membership you will get first chance to pre order the Supporters club scarves we will get this year. They will sell out. Still deciding on the amount we will order 50/75/100. Since they will be the inaugural scarf they will be a little more limited & a hot item. They will be $20. Part of that amount will be used to donate to either a charity or community organization or youth sports team.  Once pre order time opens up we will have a PayPal account set up to pay for them before we order.

The long wait till next Monday starts. Never fun to play then, seems like forever between match weeks. Remember UJ’S is the place to be on each match day. If you ever see someone out on town with LFC gear on remind them or if you see on any social media outlets remember to steer people there. Thank you so much for helping us grow so fast & organize over this last year. It is very impressive what we’ve done in such a short amount of time and the size of our city. You should be proud.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the matches this year.

Final thoughts: Would be fun to get maybe a Go Pro camera or something like that at a match this year to record the excitement after a goal at UJ’S. That place erupts. So if anyone has one of those comment below or get in contact with us.
Also we need to set up a get together non LFC/UJ’S related. Maybe another tailgate at Indy Eleven match or big BBQ/fire with some beer tasting. Any ideas?  Comment below.
We also had a request for a Facebook group that would be separate from the Facebook page that would allow more of an ease for you Indy Reds to post things to for discussion/events/comments etc.

I hope this post turns out ok. I did it from my phone (We’ll see how smart you are smart phone)


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