Fan Focus. Red Red Wine Make You Feel So fine.

Welcome back Indy Reds!! That long International Break is finally over. Having it so early in the season is never fun.
We are back in action this weekend with a big big match v united. Before we get to some news we have a new Fan Focus for you with a new Indy Red Kristina.
Take it away…

Name: Kristina Mulry


How did you pick Liverpool as your team?
One of my best friends in high school, Andrew, is a Reds fan, and on Sundays we’d get together for brunch. One Sunday (March 2008) he had friends over to watch the Man. U v. LFC game, and invited my twin sister, Ali, and I along. It ended up being an infuriating game, but from then on we were both hooked.

First LFC memory?
The Man U. v. LFC game on March 23, 2008, which was an absolute nightmare of a match for a Reds fan. After 1 United goal in the first half, Mascherano got a second yellow card, threw a fit and had to be escorted off the field, leaving LFC a man down. In the second half, Ronaldo and Nani scored within 2 minutes of each other, cementing a 3-0 win for United. Though I suppose my first Liverpool memory would have been singing ‘Who the fuck is Man United?’ before the game began. That’s better.

Favorite LFC memory?
Gotta be seeing the Reds play live! Particularly, singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before the 2014 Liverpool v. Olympiakos game in Chicago.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match?
Nope, maybe I should start some. Open to suggestions.

Where were you during Istanbul?
In the 8th grade. Haha.

Favorite Current Player and Why?
Probably Martin Skrtel. He got pretty severely injured in one of the first LFC games I ever watched, which was a brilliant comeback 3-2 victory over City. They were down 0-2 at the half and really pulled it together after Skrtel got hurt. I remember being really excited for his return, and have been a huge fan of his ever sense. He’s the rock of LFC’s defense, and one of the only Reds that’s been around since I first became a fan! Plus, I like his tats.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why?
Jordan Henderson, from the current squad. I bet he’d have really interesting things to say about the club, the players, how it’s run, being captain, and national team. Doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking either. Obviously I wouldn’t turn down dinner with Gerrard, and would definitely have to go with Paisley for LFC managers.

Favorite LFC kit ever?
2009-2010 3rd. No significance, I just like them!

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do?
Go to Anfield and watch whatever’s going on that day. And then chill with the squad, obviously.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info?
LFC’s website,, LFC’s Twitter

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?
Union Jack’s, of course! Or wherever the rest of the LFC fans are.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Christian Benteke!

Favorite LFC Goal?
Probably the first of Suarez’s 4 goals against Norwich City in December 2013. It was a 40 yard strike and it was beautiful.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person?
Yes! I was lucky enough to get to see the reds with my sister when they came to Chicago last summer to play Olympiakos.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?
I’m in medical school, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for sports or hobbies. But I love to cycle and ride my horse, George. I also collect vinyl records and love craft beer/wine.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match?
Danny Boy’s Training Day. Seriously, if you haven’t had this delicious APA, it’s one of the best in the country. If you’re looking for something a little lighter – Yellow Dwarf from Quaff On!

What makes you most proud to support LFC?
The cohesive nature of the fan network and commitment to the team. It doesn’t matter what kind of year LFC is having, the fans are always there. Regardless of where you’re from, what you do, etc, if you’re a LFC fan, you’re automatically a friend. I love that about this club.

Best thing about being an Indy Red?
Having a group of awesome people to enjoy an incredible sport with. I’m so happy to have found such an wonderful group to cheer on the reds with!

Thank you so much Kristina, great to have another Lady Indy Red it isn’t just a big boys club.


Alright as I’m sure you know there is a massive match this weekend. LFC v united. 12:30pm Kickoff. Union Jack is going to be packed to the ceiling with both sets of fans. I would suggest getting there early to get a good spot. Be prepared for both the bar side and restaurant side to get filled up. Might turn into some Standing room areas in some parts of the pub.

The ULF podcast will be at Union Jack Pub also recording Live. Indy Red Gabe Smith is the Liverpool side of the podcast. Try to jump on the Mic. There will obviously be some banter going on with this being a big rivalry match but remember we are an Official Supporters Club and need to represent LFC globally so don’t go to overboard.

Some quick team and OLSC news
Daniel Sturridge is back in full training. Great news for Red fans. Doubt he will make an appearance Saturday but awesome news that he is back at it and we will see him and that dance soon.

If you purchased a scarf and haven’t picked it up yet you will be able to on Saturday during the match.

Look forward to seeing another packed house at Union Jack on Saturday. We have had great attendance so far for the matches this year, keep it up. Drown out those united bum supporters who show up. It is Indy Anfield for a reason.


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