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Fan Focus/International Break

Welcome back Indy Reds. Since LFC and the EPL are on International Break here is a new Indy Red Fan Focus to hold you over until the match next Saturday v Villa. Up this week is Zach, I’m sure you have seen him out at the Indy Eleven matches and on twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.08.30 PM

Name: Zach Shorter

How did you pick Liverpool as your team?  Played with them on old console gaming systems and stuck with them.  Truly found my love for the club when I studied abroad in London, England in 2006; right before they won the FA Cup.  Liverpudlians cannot be matched when it comes to passion and love for their club.

First LFC memory?  My first true memory came when I watched the FA Cup win in 2001 when Owen scored twice to help LFC in their comeback win.

Favorite LFC memory?  Easy, Instanbul.  However, to change it up a bit, Gerrard’s beautiful, curling, last-minute winner against Villa in 2007 really has stuck with me.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match?  I used to eat an entire box of twinkies before each match (which I have a pretty good record with) but my health suffers greatly when I do, so I’m currently looking for another.  I always wear the same shirt as the players do for each match.

Where were you during Istanbul?  I was in a lounge at college watching with a small group of other friends.

Favorite Current Player and Why?  Gerrard is my football hero.  He is the definition of legend and leader.  His loyalty to the club and passion for the game is unmatched.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why?  Without question, Steven Gerrard.  Everyone wants to meet their hero.

Favorite LFC kit ever? I would have to say the 2008/09 home kit.  Just had a clean look about it that screamed champion.  We were close that year!

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do?  This is a tough question.  From a business stand point, the right people are in place to manage the club so I wouldn’t make any changes there.  This is a weird, off-the-wall “want” but hey if I can make it happen, awesome.   I would attach a building next to Anfield via a skybridge with luxury condos.  I always thought that would be really cool to fulfill the dream for those who want to “live” at Anfield.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info?  Twitter, LFC website, and ESPN

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.33.36 PM

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?  I’m going where the party’s at.  Indy Anfield, Union Jack Pub.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?  I’m really looking forward to seeing how Henderson and Sterling progress this year.  They both grew leaps and bounds last season and I can’t wait to see how it continues.

Favorite LFC Goal?  It’s between the Gerrard winner against Villa and Gerrard’s goal to get things going in Instanbul.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person?  Saw them for the first time in Chicago in July.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  I love the Pacers.  I “grew up” spending lots of time at Market Square Arena and what was then Conseco Fieldhouse.  My dad worked for the Pacers and so I would spend many days during the summers or when I times when I was sick there with him.  I also love weather and astronomy.  I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to that.  I also mix trance music on rare occasion.  Not the best by any means but I have fun!

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match?  Sun King’s Wee Mac

What makes you most proud to support LFC?  There is no other “fanbase” as loving of their club as LFC supporters are.  The passion, the “we will never quit” attitude of the players.  I’m always proud to wear my red shirt.

Best thing about being  an Indy Red? Thankful we finally are getting this official!!


Thanks Zach!

Well after that 3-0 thrashing we have Spurs it is an early season International Break.
The big news is Daniel Sturridge picked up a thigh injury in training. Looks like he could be out for a couple weeks. Major bummer, but now is the time for Lambert/Borini/Markovic/Coutinho to step it up and help out on the score sheet.

Even though the transfer window is over(what a window it was, very successful window) LFC are closing in on completing the signing of free transfer of former Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes.

Hopefully this week goes quick, look forward to seeing Union Jack Pub filled up for the 12:30 kickoff v Aston Villa on Saturday.

Thoughts on this simple T-shirt idea?

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.06.13 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.06.28 PM


Would be about $10 a shirt. Could do either just the front or have the front and the back.
Willing to pre-order/pre-pay for them? If you have any design ideas get on and post them to the twitter or Facebook page.





Weekend Recap


Wow talk about a great way to kick off the season! Above you’ll see a picture of most of the Indy Reds who came out to Union Jack Pub for the 1st match of the year. Was great to see some familiar faces & lots of new faces & meet a lot of you Indy Reds.  There was some great energy in the pub & great beer on tap & even though the play on the pitch wasn’t the prettiest at times we still came up with the 3pts. 2-1 win Goals from Sterling  & Sturridge. The Henderson pass to Sterling for the 1st goal was a beauty! Take A Look! New signings Lovren & Manquillo started while Rickie Lambert came of the bench. One surprise was not seeing new signing Emre Can get the start or get subbed on. Should see him & new signing Alberto Moreno next week v City.
After the match the festivities continued as our chairman Nile accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was issued by Indy Spurs.
LFC Indy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Here is an action shot of the water coming out of the buckets. Great job catching that shot Jim!


Overall it was a great morning & great way to kick off the season. Very happy with the crowd that showed up. Hope to see that amount & more each week.

As you may have seen online we did submit the paperwork to LFC to become an Official Supporters Club. We blew away the numbers we we’re expecting to get. Great job. LFC reviews new applications in October. Should hear of we are approved around the start of the year it is sounding like.
If you haven’t yet got your LFC membership don’t fret you still can. Please get that membership number sent to us so we can add you to the overall list. If you are one of the Indy Reds who has an LFC membership you will get first chance to pre order the Supporters club scarves we will get this year. They will sell out. Still deciding on the amount we will order 50/75/100. Since they will be the inaugural scarf they will be a little more limited & a hot item. They will be $20. Part of that amount will be used to donate to either a charity or community organization or youth sports team.  Once pre order time opens up we will have a PayPal account set up to pay for them before we order.

The long wait till next Monday starts. Never fun to play then, seems like forever between match weeks. Remember UJ’S is the place to be on each match day. If you ever see someone out on town with LFC gear on remind them or if you see on any social media outlets remember to steer people there. Thank you so much for helping us grow so fast & organize over this last year. It is very impressive what we’ve done in such a short amount of time and the size of our city. You should be proud.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the matches this year.

Final thoughts: Would be fun to get maybe a Go Pro camera or something like that at a match this year to record the excitement after a goal at UJ’S. That place erupts. So if anyone has one of those comment below or get in contact with us.
Also we need to set up a get together non LFC/UJ’S related. Maybe another tailgate at Indy Eleven match or big BBQ/fire with some beer tasting. Any ideas?  Comment below.
We also had a request for a Facebook group that would be separate from the Facebook page that would allow more of an ease for you Indy Reds to post things to for discussion/events/comments etc.

I hope this post turns out ok. I did it from my phone (We’ll see how smart you are smart phone)


Start of the Year Preview.

One of our Indy Reds William Sloane did a start of the year preview for the site, thank you sir.

Dreams and expectations. Last season saw Liverpool Football Club and manager Brendan Rodgers bring back the feel good factor on Merseyside, and were just points away from a first Premier League title in 24 years. On the back of the season Liverpool would enter the summer with an eye already on this campaign, albeit now they will enter without talisman Luis Suarez.

Liverpool’s No.7 departed for Spanish giants Barcelona, and while losing such a superstar would likely cripple camps elsewhere, the comradery and mood around Melwood seems to be at an all-time high. Rodgers wasted no time bringing in new faces, Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana kicked off a raid on Southampton, and later Dejan Lovren arrived to shore up the back line. Emre Can arrived in the midfield and Lazar Markovic flew in to Liverpool’s wing. Divock Origi signed as one for the future and will arrive next summer after his season long loan with Lille, and Spaniards Javier Manquillo and Alberto Moreno arrived to help solve Liverpool’s problematic right and left back problems.

While there may yet be more movement in and out of Anfield, all eyes now are on Southampton at Anfield this Sunday, where a new-look Red’s will take to the pitch and hope to pick up where they left off last season; passing, moving, scoring.

With Southampton suffering a raid at the hands of Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, the Saints will be desperate to prove there is life left in the club. Having won at Anfield last season they will be looking to repeat the feat on Sunday. Rodgers made Anfield a fortress last season with his ‘hot-out-the-gates’ tactics and will likely look to do so again. Markovic and Lallana are unlikely to make the starting XI due to injuries, but could make the squad after featuring in training Thursday morning.

If last weekend’s 4-0 demolition of Borussia Dortmund is anything to go buy, the Reds will not be changing their all-out attacking style anytime soon. Southampton will have their hands full but cannot be looked over with a trip to Premier League Champions Manchester City looming next weekend.


Last season we were made to dream. There are plenty of expectations this season, many of which Brendan Rodgers has addressed are necessary to be deemed a successful season. European football will return to Anfield this fall, Reds fans want deep cup runs, and the fight for the top four will be as fierce as ever.

With Rodgers the mentality is one game at a time, and it all kick off at Anfield this Sunday.  Liverpool will certainly go again this season, and ultimately, look to go one better.

Thank you Mr. Sloane.
Remember to get out to Union Jack Pub on Sunday 8:30am Kickoff. Should be a really good crowd there, good beer, good brunch, beautiful soccer to watch.

That is another hit from our good friend Lou who keeps pumping out some awesome designs. Here is another cool poster/shirt idea. Plus a version of the potential scarf.

Excited to get the season started, should be a really fun year. Look forward to seeing everyone out at Union Jack’s on Sunday & through out the year. Don’t be afraid to come up an introduce yourself to your fellow Indy Reds, and to make the venture out to UJ’s if you’ve never been there before.



Match Week!!

It has finally arrived. After a wild summer of World Cup action that captured the nations attention to LFC USA pre season tour, the season has now arrived! Sunday at 8:30am LFC will kick off this 2014-2015 year and try and improve on last years wild ride of finishing in 2nd place.
As always, the place to be on every MatchDay is the home of the Liverpool Supporters Club of Indianapolis, Indy Anfield as I like to call it, Union Jack Pub.

If you were a little worried about the team & how they will score goals or defend, this last friendly v Dortmund made you feel at ease. Wow, talk about Poetry In Motion. 4-0 drubbing of one of the German Giants.
1000 x 600
New boys Lovren & Manquillo were slotted in to Defense & were both impressive. Lovren scored the 2nd goal with a header off the corner. He also made a great pass up to the Little Magician Phillipe Coutinho who somehow not even facing goal flicked it on perfectly to Daniel Sturridge to open up the scoring, Here is the video. The link up between Sturridge, Sterling & Coutinho was great all match long. Great team performance, plus a Clean Sheet which is a huge plus. People are worried about where the goals will come from this year(don’t worry they are there in the squad) but one of the biggest issues was keeping the goals out last year, so it was great to see a goose egg up there for the other team.

In other team News:
Lazar Markovic could be match fit for this weekends opening game. Would be a nice to have him coming off the bench. Was fun to watch briefly in Pre-Season.
Word going around is Moreno could sign after the Super Cup clash this Wednesday. He would be a great signing but it has been an on going saga all Silly Season.
No word yet on the Agger situation, he is now 4th in line at CB. I doubt we want to sell him to someone in England, so unless Barca or someone comes calling he might have an unhappy year.

LFC Indy News: Great job everyone getting those membership numbers to us. Currently we are sitting at 121 members overall with 22 of those folks having LFC memberships. The minimum requirement is 50members/15 with memberships, so great job getting us over the mark. We have potentially more than those numbers, but those are the ones I know about from people who follow on twitter & facebook.
Still keep those member numbers coming though, the more we have the better. Would like to submit paperwork on This Friday 08/15. Then the wait till October to find out if we become official starts.
Now that the season is kicking into gear if you are an Indy Red who likes to right about LFC, please send over some posts for us to put up on the site. It can be anything from Match previews, to player profiles to really about anything LFC related. Would be nice to get a variety of things up here.
New Indy Red fan focus coming again this week, it was a big hit last time around(our most viewed day ever on the site)

Have a great week Indy Reds. In the words of the great Ted Lasso: “Keep Calm And Get Fired Up”
Make sure to get those plans set to head out to Union Jack this Sunday for the match.



Unfriendly Friendly

Wow what a way to end this amazing USA tour?! LFC will take on their hated rival Man Utd in the Guinness International Champions Cup. Promoters dream to have those two teams in the final. 7:30pm start time on Fox Sports 1. I’m not the first & I won’t be the last to title this pre-season match up the ‘Unfriendly Friendly”

This has been one phenomenal pre-season tour for LFC. Everyone is raving about how great the fans are in each stop that LFC makes. The team was very surprised when they went to Charlotte & the amount of people that turned out for events & the match. Huge crowds that came from North Carolina/South Carolina/Atlanta & all over the country. They had 2,000 people show up to an autograph signing with Sakho & Mignolet at Dale Jr’s bar.  You can bet that LFC will be capitalizing on this USA soccer fever in 2 years & expect them to be back in 2016. Hopefully when that happens there will be a certain Official Supporters Club in the Midwest that would look good painted Red all over town & the players & team would have the ease to walk & get around to events & a first class stadium quick & easy. (Make Us Dream)

In Team News:
Sturridge, Markovic, Borini, Agger, Lallana all will not be in Miami for the match tonight, they are all back in Liverpool. Sturridge & Markovic are ok, they are projected to play v Dortmund in the next friendly.
Rumors are circling that within the next 48hrs Borini & Sunderland deal will either go through or not at all.
Rodgers squashed any rumors about Balotelli coming to LFC.

We are edging closer to the season Indy Reds. Reminder to get that LFC membership Renewed or get a New one before the first match so we can get you added to the list when we submit it to LFC to try and become an Official Supporters Club.
With the season coming up if you have any season previews/team previews or any type of post you’d like to see up here please go ahead & write it & send it to us so we can put it up.
Have a great week Indy Reds!




Boom Shakalaka

Yes the headline says it all, if you grew up on some NBA Jam that is what I wanted to yell out once I found out this… WE DID IT INDY REDS! We hit all of the numbers we need to hit to submit our paperwork to become an Official Liverpool Supporters Club. We were sitting at just under the mark for a while and then after the match in Chicago the membership numbers rolled in to take us over the mark! We are going to close it off on Day of the first match 08/17. So if you are going to renew or purchase a new LFC membership do so by then & get that membership number sent to us so we can add it to the list. If you do get one after the deadline still send the membership number though so that we have it for our records for the next year.
If you are on Twitter and you are an Indy Red you were added to a list on our page. Should be a good way to keep track of how many people from Indy area follow us & also easy to find people & connect. Currently at the moment we have about 110 folks from the Central Indiana area that we consider Indy Reds, we also currently have 18 people with LFC memberships(would like to see that number higher) Still not bad at all for LFC Indy only being around for a year, we organized pretty fast. I’m really liking our chances come October to become Official.
In other LFC Indy news: We have decided on the 3 person board for the 2014-2015 season. The board serves a couple different purposes. First we need one to become Official. Second they will help guide our Supporters Club & help to make the decisions that need to be made on things like Logo/Scarves/Shirts/Events etc. We are thinking of possibly adding a 4th member to the board. The 3 members are:
Chairmen Nile Smith
Treasurer Lucas White
Secretary James Box
Also happening this weekend we will have our first guest tweeter. This will be the first of a couple different people that we will try out, and then once we land on someone they will be the one to help out come the fall during matchdays when we will need Social Media help.

Alright on to some team news.

LFC came from behind twice to draw 2-2 after 90 minutes then won it on penalties. Sterling was massive during the match. Can also looked really sharp when he came in. Was a fun match to watch. One of our Indy Reds Dave Hall was at the match(Also Jay the owner of Indy Anfield Union Jack Pub was there) both said it was an amazing atmosphere. The Charlotte crowd tomorrow night has to bring it to keep up to the standard Chicago & NYC laid out.

Match tomorrow is at 6:30pm on NBCSN v AC Milan.

Some Transfer news: LFC apparently are going in for a Double Swoop this weekend to get fullbacks Moreno & Manquillo. If this happens & is true it will be massive for LFC. Would help to fill some massive holes on the team. Would have a really strong lineup.
Dortmund apparently want to sell Hummels to United but they want LFC player Ilori to bring in on loan to replace him.

Well that is all for now. The USA tour is coming to a close soon, Although we do have a chance to potentially play United in the Final of this tournament. Hope everything works out with the guest tweeter this weekend(This will be the first time since LFC Indy was created that it isn’t Nile posting anything, so it is kind of like leaving your baby for the first time to go somewhere for the evening )




Yes That Happened

Yes that is you at Soldier “An”Field watching Liverpool play!
WOW what a weekend & what a time to be a Liverpool supporter here in the United States.
I hope & I’m sure everyone had a great time while up in Chicago.

(Some of our Indy Reds during Halftime)

Keep those pictures coming on Twitter & Facebook from your weekend.
It was great to see that some of our Indy Reds made it out to some of the events around town during the weekend.
Still wrapping my head around that we were there watching LFC play & that we were that close to Stevie G & Brendan Rodgers.

Well Indy Reds back here in the Circle City we are inching closer & closer to the season starting & we are on the tipping point of hitting our goal for Indy Reds having LFC memberships. We need 15 & we are right there ready to hit & go over it. Once we do we will get that paperwork submitted to LFC & then the praying & hoping & waiting starts until October when they start reviewing & accepting new Supporters Clubs. I honestly think that even though we have only been around for 1 year the growth we have had in that one year is EXTREMELY impressive.
The LFC Memberships are like $40. It gets you a discount at the online store, the home matchday program in your email each week, LFC magazine online, plus you get a really nice welcome package with a sweet flag & some other goodies. If you aren’t going to a game over in England the International membership is the best one to pick.

One last thing before I recap a quick bits of LFC news: As most of you Indy Reds know. I (Nile) do all of the posting/communication etc for LFC Indy, and as some of you know My Wife & I are expecting our 2nd child this fall. With that I’m going to be a little limited in my time. The great thing about us growing so much in our first year is that I now have a treasure chest of Indy Reds with many skill sets. So starting now and through the next couple weeks you might see some other people taking over some of the tweeting & posting for LFC Indy. I will still be involved & I will still post things occasionally & still help but just won’t be as much. So I NEED YOUR HELP Indy Reds. If you think you would like to or would be good at helping out with the social media part of LFC Indy, If you enjoy being up to date on all the happenings of LFC & like communicating with other people & helping to grow our Supporters Club please email
It will end up being 1 maybe 2 people that we will pick to help out with twitter/facebook. As for the blog, please if you have any ideas or any type of post that you would like to put up please email it over, & we will put it up.
I never could of imagined last year when I created just a simple twitter page to try and get Indy Reds together that we would of blown up this much this fast. A lot of time & effort has gone into help build the foundation for our Supporters Club & we will keep on growing.

Ok on to some quick news:
LFC have finally signed a Defender! Dejan Lovren from who else Southampton has joined the squad. He will wear #6. He is a really nice signing, versatile CB.

LFC also signed Divock Origi the youngster from Belgium. He is one of the hottest talents out of Europe & out of Belgium who just keeps pumping out players these last few years.

The Loic Remy deal fell through after he failed his medical.

Adam Lallana is out for 6 weeks with a knee injury. He will miss the first 3 games.

I found this hilarious: Daniel Sturridge & Jordan Ibe had a Hip Hop Trivia contest in NYC. Hendo is sitting in the background & Studge makes a nice reference to the 90’s Nick show All That with the Good Burger welcoming. Also him saying “Are you Having a Laugh” Ricky Gervais style is funny.

I saved it for the end, yes I did get to meet Brendan Rodgers during the training session & he signed my scarf. Very happy & proud he is our manager. He is one of the good ones.

Also as most of you have seen, I could of never dreamed this would happen but somehow LFC ended up putting me into the MatchDay programs for all of the matches in the USA this tour. I was extremely surprised by this & I have no idea why I was one of the 10 people they picked to feature.





Everybody’s working for the weekend

LFC kicked off their summer USA tour last night at Fenway Park. Your Redmen suffered a last minute Own Goal off of Agger from a corner to be downed 1-0 by Roma. To be honest the game was not a pretty one to watch, very few chances on goal, not a lot of Poetry In Motion. The lineup was heavy on academy & 2nd team players. Coutinho continued to dazzle at times with his skill. Emre Can came on after 12 minutes to replace an injured Fabio Borini who went down awkward on his shoulder(Just bruising is being reported nothing serious) Can looked pretty good, he could turn out to be a really positive signing.

The spotlight now turns to the Windy City/The Second City/The Chi/whatever you like to call it Chicago.

LFC have a morning training session in Boston & some promo work around the town at Dunkin Donuts & Subways(no that wasn’t a joke they actually do.) Speaking of that it was pretty cool to see Daniel Sturridge in a Subway commercial last night before the match.  Forecast for the match is looking stupendous 81degrees no rain mostly sunny.

Day of the Match Info: Traffic. Prepare for Traffic. You could possibly hit some here in Indy with the Brickyard 400 going on Sunday. Also in Chicago, apparently the road Lake Shore Drive which gets you to Soldier Field is down to 1 lane only, so there was already bad traffic there when it was 2 lanes it is now only 1 lane so plan accordingly. The earlier you can leave and get to the match the better overall. Once you’re up there before the match you’ve got a couple different options for pre-match fun. Looks like most folks will either be heading to The Scout It is a pub that is a little less than a mile from the stadium & pretty close to one of the train stops. Guinness is supposed to be having a fan zone in one of the parking lots by the stadium so that might be something to check out. Comment below on what you are going to do pre-match. I know we have some folks going up the night before for the Fire v Spurs match or they are going to the Fowler/Rush event.

If any other news or events happen I will notify everyone. It would be great to be able to have everyone meet up either before the match, Maybe inside the stadium that would make a good picture or possibly at Halftime. The excitement levels are building for this weekend!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Union Jack Pub last night for the match. Looking forward to saying hi to everyone in Chicago this week.

If you have renewed or got a new LFC membership once again get that number emailed as soon as possible so we can add it to the list, extremely close to hitting our goal to send paperwork into LFC.



MatchDay at Fenway

It is MatchDay!! Man that feels good to say again. LFC play tonight at Historic Fenway Park in Boston v Italian side Roma. 7:30pm Kickoff. The match will be live on NBCSN. Arlo White will be announcing the match. We are having a watch party, the first of the new season at our home spot Indy Anfield or as most know it Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple. Great Beer, Great Food, plus Great Indy Reds will be there. If you’ve never been to UJ’s for a match or have never been there before it is a wonderful place. The owner has been very accommodating over the last year bringing soccer fans back in to the pub. They have had a great year being the home pub for LFC Indy opening up early & also they are the home pub for the American Outlaws here in Indy, so if you were there during the World Cup you know it is an excellent spot.

Not sure if a lot of the “big boys” will be back tonight. Stevie/Sterling/Sturridge/Hendo/Lallana have only been back in training for a few days, so we might end up seeing a lot of the young guns again, but also we should get to see a few of the new signings like Lambert, Can, Markovic.

Two sites you should be checking frequently during the tour should be LFC USA website dedicated to the tour. Lots of good articles on there and interviews etc, there is also fan focus profiles about some of the supporters here in the USA & two folks from Indy have been featured. Best Selling Author and dude who has blown up over this last year John Green He is pretty fun to follow on twitter. The other Indy Red just happened to be the first person profiled on the LFC Tour website.

The other site is the Liverpool Echo. They have a nice live feed that is updated by two of their reporters who are in the States following the team. Lots of pictures/videos and little insights.

Transfer News: Looks like Striker Loic Remy is going to be a Red. He flew to Boston & had his medical done. He seems to be taking a pay cut in his weekly wages to sign. He is a good signing. He scored 14times last year for a not very good Newcastle side. He is good quality depth.
Versatile CB Dejan Lovren is also close to signing it looks like.
Other links have been a loan move for Atletico Madrid Fullback Manquillo. He is young but fits in the style system that Rodgers wants.
Still no big name in lights marquee signing that some fans want. Moreno, Reus, Di Maria, Isco, Benzema all names that have been linked.

Keep those scarf designs coming, and also any article or feature you’d like to have up here on the site get those emailed to

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Union Jack Pub tonight for the match & also up in Chicago!



Chicago Week

REDS ARE INVADING THE USA! No its not Red Dawn,  It is Chicago Week! Your RedMen touched down in the USA last night. They are in Boston right now, they will practice today at Harvard, tomorrow(Tuesday) at Fenway & then play Wednesday in Boston at Fenway park, then they will be off to the Windy City Chicago.

For the Match Wednesday 7:30pm kickoff, we should #PackTheJack for this first time this year. Rare to have an evening match so would be great time for all of the Indy Reds to head out to the Pub get some good food & drinks & watch our Reds play at Historic Fenway.

Ok on to Chicago. I’m sure a lot of you have seen on Twitter & Facebook about the events & happenings that are going on in Chicago. If not or if you need a reminder here is what is going down: Friday night there is an event with Bruce Grobbelaar & The 23 foundation($10) Saturday there is a training session at Soldier Field but it is currently full & Chicago is saying no more tickets will be opened up for it. There was only 250 tickets for it & Chicago had 500 ask for tickets, I don’t know how people got tickets so unless ICC opens up more tickets that is sold out. The BIG EVENT is Saturday night at AJ Hudson’s LFC Chicago home bar. Ian Rush & Robbie Fowler will be there. They are expecting the place to be at Capacity between 3-4pm. Event isn’t until 7 and Rushie/Robbie wont be there until 9, so if you are going to that make sure you get up there super early, hang out at the bar eat some food drink some beer make a day of it.  Sunday day of the match They are having get together/events at 3 different bars. AJ Hudson’s again(on North Side) O’Neil’s on Wells(in the loop area) & then The Scout(which is on Wabash by stadium) Guinness is suppose to have some kind of “Fan Zone” in the South Parking Lot of the Stadium also. Hopefully we can all get together before the match for a big Indy Reds group picture.

Scarves: We have had a few really nice submissions/mockups for Supporters Club Scarves. Here is some pictures of them below. Very good designs.

Keep the designs coming, comment below on which one is your favorite so far or any suggestions on them. We also had someone make a mockup of a flag which would look AfreakingMazing flying at an Indy XI match or on a tshirt. If any of you artistic folks are up for buying a City flag & painting it that would be pretty neat.

Pre-Season keeps on rolling: Here is wrap up of Liverpool’s come from behind win thanks to the youngsters at Preston North End on Saturday.

The LFC Indy Fantasy League is still taking in new members before the season begins. It is a fun time.

If any of you have written any articles for the upcoming season or anything like that make sure to get those emailed to us so we can post them.

Please Please Please, get that LFC Membership renewed or get a new one here as soon as possible. We are extremely close to going over the limit for sending our application in to LFC to become an Official Supports Club. If you don’t plan on going to Anfield the International Membership is the best option. Really cool flag this year that you get.

That is it for now. Sorry for the limited posts over the weekend, (it was my Wife’s birthday) Look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday at Union Jack’s & also on Sunday.