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Fan Focus. Reds invade Switzerland

Welcome back Indy Reds after “didn’t go as planned” Derby Weekend to another edition of the Indy Red Fan Focus.

Name: Joe Dilling @JMDilling

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? January 2002 I took a class in college that toured Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. One of my buddies on the trip was talking soccer and how he follows Man United. I played rec soccer while I was growing up and really enjoyed it. I didn’t make a travel team right before high school, so I decided not try out for the high school team. I did a little research in internet cafés and started reading everything I could about Liverpool. I think it was mostly because they were Man U’s rival and I wanted to stick it to my friend and their shirt sponsor was Carlsberg and we had been drinking mass quantities of Carlsberg on the trip.  Also, on that trip, we made a side stop in Liverpool (wasn’t planned). I got to walk the city center, saw the sights, bought the away shirt, and fell in love with the city. I really suggest a visit for anyone, not just LFC fans. The cathedrals are amazing. Since then, I’ve been hooked on Liverpool and US National Team.

First LFC memory? On that same trip we were staying in Notting Hill and my buddy and I watched LFC vs MUFC in a tiny pub near our hotel. It was packed with fans of both teams. LFC won that night at Old Trafford 1-0, courtesy of a Danny Murphy goal.

Favorite LFC memory? While I will always cherish Istanbul, to be different, I’ll choose January – April 26, 2014. It was so much fun.


Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? Not really, last season was the first time I was really able to watch games. I have two young boys, 3 and 3.5 months at home. The 3 year old will be up by 7:30 so I’ll take the boys and go downstairs so my wife can get some more sleep. The 3 year old will watch a kids movie, and I’ll stream the game on the iPad, drink some coffee and try not to get too worked up. I guess that’s a tradition. A weird superstition. I won’t buy player jerseys anymore as they either get hurt or transfer. I was over the moon when LFC signed Harry Kewell. I got a Kewell jersey and he rarely played due to injury.

Where were you during Istanbul? I was at work, following along on Sky Sports tracker. I got so pissed at halftime, I turned the browser off and finished work. It wasn’t until later that I found out about the dramatic comeback and victory. I think I had it DVRed, but not certain.

Favorite Current Player and Why? It’s really hard not to go with Stevie G, isn’t it? I remember how it was the end of the world when he was going to leave for Chelsea. But I’ve been a fan for most of his career, he stayed, and I’ll always be a fan.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? This is tough. Obviously being such a huge fan of Stevie he’d be close to top of the list. From the stories, Fowler and McMannaman would show you a good time and be a laugh. But I really think I’d choose Carragher. He would have stories upon stories and have a good laugh.

Favorite LFC kit ever?  The first “new” Adidas kits. Carlsberg was still the sponsor, they were simple (home kits). Plus, I was so happy that they got rid of Reebok because now we might finally be able to get more Liverpool stuff in Eurosport!

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? I would end the Warrior contract and get a deal with Nike or Adidas. I might even fire the people who picked the away kits last year. The rest of the day I’d go to training and watch from a distance, have lunch with the players.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? I use to go to Football365.com and Sky Sports.com. But lately I’ve been getting most of my information from Twitter and podcasts. I really like the Liverpool Echo LFC, @livEchoLFC and @MostarLFC has great vids. The podcasts I listen to are UFL Podcast (there you go Gabe), The Anfield Index, LFC DayTrippers, and The Anfield Wrap. I also listen to Men in Blazers, but not for news.

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?I’d probably be running around the house screaming, my 3 year old would join in because it looks like fun. The baby is probably crying because he’s scared and my wife is livid because of all the aforementioned behaviors. Therefore, I’d probably be eating in the doghouse that night. On the other hand, I might make an exception and go celebrate at Union Jack’s with LFC Indy.


Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Balotelli hands down. When Suarez left, we needed a striker and his name started swirling. I remembered how good he looked at Euro 2012 and thought he needed a chance. I love the fact that he can take some of the attention off of the new SAS, freeing them up.

Favorite LFC Goal? I can’t decide. Alonso chip from midfield was top for a long time. I also love it when Stevie would send in a screamer. But Suarez’s third against Norwich last year. It get’s over shadowed by the chip (which was a spectacular goal), but I still think it’s a better goal.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person? No. I wanted to go to Chicago this last summer, but with a new baby, it wasn’t in the cards. I saw Scott Carson at a US England friendly in Chicago right after Istanbul. We had corner seats by the tunnel, I yelled his name and he seemed surprised.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  I’m a big fan of Notre Dame football, the Colts, and IU basketball. I’m also a member of The American Outlaws. I follow along on Twitter for the Indy Eleven games. We’ve talked about getting to a game, but not sure if it will work out this year. As far as hobbies, I love to travel and see different places. Also, I like to do stadium tours. My sister lives in Germany and once while visiting, we went to Allianz Arena in Munich. It’s a really neat place if you ever make it there.
Side Bar Story: My dad was performing a training class in Manchester. He was telling me his itinerary and it included a stadium tour of Old Trafford. I played along and did the whole, “I can’t believe you’re going to that dump”, etc.  But I also admitted it’d be a neat place to see (I did mention that I’m a fan of stadium tours). He talked the guys into going to Anfield instead, took a bunch of pictures and got me a few items. Not having the slightest clue about LFC, he didn’t know what he should have taken pictures of, but it’s the thought that counts.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? It would depend on if they had Bier Brewery on tap. I just did Brew Bus last week and both the Mild Brown and Dark Brown are great beers. If not, I’d go for Wee Mac. I know they aren’t Indy area, but 3 Floyds Gumballhead would pair nicely with a footy match. It’s a fantastic beer .

What makes you most proud to support LFC? YNWA. I get chills every time I hear it sung. The meaning of it is still true. Also, I love the fact that former players still talk of their love for Liverpool and the fans. I don’t think you get that when this generation of Chelsea or Man City players? Maybe Kompany, but I think he married a City fan, so he kind of has to.

Best thing about being an Indy Red? I like that I feel included even though I haven’t been able to make it to Union Jacks to watch with everyone. I’ll be there on Saturday for the first time, and I’m excited. Also, thanks to Nile for organizing LFC Indy. I remember looking for a local chapter a few years ago and not finding anything.

Thanks Joe!

LFC are in Switzerland to take on FC Basel tonight in another Champions League group stage match. Starts at 2:30pm. Match will be live on Fox Sports 2.
LFC will look to bounce back after that last minute heartbreaking draw in the Derby v Everton and look to improve on their last time out in the Champions League when they had to go to extra time with Ludogrets. A big away win would help the Redmen to boost their confidence and hopefully springboard them a little in the Premier League campaign and group stage of the Champions League.
If you are able to get out of work or school early head over to Union Jack Pub for the match. Always a great way to spend the afternoon at Indy Anfield with a pint and a late lunch/early dinner.

9am match this Saturday v West Brom. Get those plans sorted to get out to UJ’s for some brunch and Poetry In Motion.

Now that it is October this is the month that LFC will be reviewing our Application to become an Official Supporters Club. Keep those Prayers, Good thoughts & Vibes coming.
It is also the time that I(Nile) will need to be slowing down some on the posting and updating with the Baby Boy coming next month. If you want or are willing to help out with the blog or Twitter or Facebook, email or message us so we can keep this ship sailing and continue to grow the support and awareness here in Indy Area.
We might be struggling a little this early part of the year but this is when a fans true love of the club is tested and you can help us keep growing here in the Circle City.






Fan Focus. West Ham.

Welcome back Indy Reds (and Reds worldwide) we’ve got another great Indy Red Fan Focus for you. This week we’ll be featuring an Indy Red I’m sure you’ve seen out at Union Jack’s and also he has helped guest on our Twitter account (might be helping a lot more come this fall on Twitter)


Name: Boback Lotfalian

How did you pick Liverpool as your team?  People always ask me for help picking a premier league team to support, and I always respond “You don’t choose a club, the club chooses you,” and I truly believe that.  I’ve always been a fan of the premier league in general as a league ever since Fox Sports Net used to have a two hour premier league review highlight show every Sunday night.  That then blossomed to Fox Sports World showing premier league games on the weekend.  I would tune in as often as I could for any game with no specific team in mind, but that changed, and then gradually over time I found myself urging on Liverpool.  That transitioned to being emotionally invested in the result, to not being able to miss a match by any means, and watching the season unfold via crappy internet streams since FSC only showed 1 or 2 games a weekend.

First LFC memory? Tuning in to Fox Sports Net on Sunday nights as a freshman or sophomore in high school to watch a Match of the Day-esque type highlight show and seeing the likes of Owen and a young Stevie G.


Favorite LFC memory?  Singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at Anfield.  Also, a proper pregame for the match at “The Park”  pub across from the KOP, bouncing and singing my voice horse until the final whistle.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? Last Christmas I got some LFC dress socks from my parents.  I’ve worn them for every match in 2014, and results have seemed to have gone swimmingly since, so I’ll stick with that for now.

Where were you during Istanbul? I was watching at my parents’ house during summer break from college.  I remember turning it off at halftime and moving to my room, and turned it on my little 18” TV next to my bed as I lay down right as the comeback started.  I squinted to watch the rest of the match, but I couldn’t move.

Favorite Current Player and Why? Steven Gerrard.  Heroes come and go, but legends stay.  I’ve always had a love affair with the star striker on teams.  Growing up my favorite player was the Brazilian Ronaldo, so I’ve had my absolute highs and lows as Fernando and Luis have both won and broke my heart.  It makes you appreciate the skipper more and more, and he never lets you down.  History proves that when he’s on the pitch, LFC can never truly be counted out of any contest.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? I think Jamie Carragher would be very entertaining to sit down with.  Him and Stevie together would probably be a dream dinner with all the banter back and forth.  I’ve developed an ear for scouse, so I’m confident I would be able to make out 99% of what they say.


Favorite LFC kit ever? I like when they would keep the same home kit for two seasons, it was definitely lighter on the bank account.  It’s hard to pick one, but I’d rank 1a) ’06-08 home 1b) ’08-10 home 1c) ’12-13 home

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? Install safe standing in the KOP.  Obviously I’d have to change the premier league ruling, but that is when the KOP was in its absolute pomp, and I would like to see it return.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? Twitter.  Generally the Mersey based journos like Tony Barret and James Pearce, and then local Liverpool season ticket holders whom I’ve weeded out to be reliable.

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?Assuming I’ve caught my breath and gathered my bearings, I’d want to celebrate with fellow reds.  There’s no better place to do that than Union Jack here in Indy.


Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play? Can I cop out and say all of them? Lazar Markovic will be exciting to see blossom into a world beater, Super Mario will be a can’t miss watch every weekend, I’m interested to see Adam Lallana perform on a bigger stage in a system that suits him, Alberto Moreno will hopefully be the fullback we’ve been missing since Riise, and Emre Can learning how to boss the midfield.

Favorite LFC Goal? There’s so many. For nostalgic reasons in terms of giving me belief I’d say Benayoun winner against Fulham in ’09 and Coutinho winner against City last season.  Out of pure awe and amazement I’d say Gerrard’s volley against Middlesboro, Torres’ volley against Blackburn, and Suarez’s volley from 45 yds against Norwich.

Gerrard v ‘Boro

Torres v Blackburn


Have you ever seen LFC play in person? YES. I’m fortunate to say I’ve seen them play in person 3 times, twice at Anfield, and once this summer in Chicago.  I went to the game against City on Apr 11, 2011, sat in the Anfield road end as LFC triumphed 3-0.  Things of note from that contest: Andy Carroll scored his first 2 goals for LFC that day, Jon Flanagan made his debut, and Mario Balotelli came on for an injured Carlos Tevez in the first half, and was subsequently substituted in the 65th ish min.  My other game at Anfield was last October against Palace, where Suarez made his home return after suspension, scored while on the ground after slipping over.  Sturridge scored a beaut and a Stevie pen capped off the scoring for LFC as they won 3-1.  It’s obviously an experience that every LFC fan should have, and I plan to be back soon.  Next goals will be to try and go to a derby or champions league match, and/or sit in the KOP.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  I’m a massive IU basketball fan, and a big fan of the Pacers as well.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Sun King Osiris is my favorite local beer.  During the match I’ll generally switch things up.


What makes you most proud to support LFC? Generally an LFC fan is knowledgeable about the sport and team’s history, passionate, and friendly, and those are the type of people you like to keep company with.

Best thing about being an Indy Red? Having some place to watch the matches, other than by myself on my couch, in the rain, snow, or shine, in Union Jack always being accommodating.


LFC are back in action Saturday 12:30pm kickoff. Your Redmen will be looking to hopefully start a little quicker and open up the scoring a little faster than the last couple of matches.
On the injury front LFC’s depth is getting tested some. Sturridge is out until next week. Joe Allen could be out anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Can is still out for about another month. Glen Johnson is out for another week. Young Flanno hurt his knee and will be out a few months now also.  One bit of good news is Martin Skrtel rejoined training this week.
Will be interesting to see how LFC lineup Saturday. 4-3-3/4-4-2 diamond? Who will get the start up front with Balotelli. Lots of suggestions have been thrown out there but just need to trust in BR that he will pick the best squad for the situation.

We’ve got another perfect kickoff time this week with a lunch time start. Make sure to get out to Indy Anfield Union Jack Pub for the match. Get some lunch, drink some tasty beer, watch some Poetry in Motion.

You might have seen but LFC emailed us this week to let us know that our paperwork to become an Official Supporters Club as been received by the team and they will be reviewing it next month in October. So that is another positive step in our goal of becoming Official. Giant Thank you to everyone who has helped us to grow so rapidly in such a short amount of time. To give you an idea of how fast we have grown and how large we have grown, The first ever LFC Indy tweet was sent out this week 1 year ago. We now have one of the highest twitter followings of any USA LFC supporters club and we doubled the minimum goal for LFC memberships for a Supporters club. Great job, give yourself a pat on the back and buy yourself a pint for helping to spread the word and love of this historic and massive team.



Fan Focus-Lady In Red. Action Packed Saturday

Finally the International Break is over and we can get back into the Premier League season! To celebrate this action packed weekend here in our great city it’s another edition of our Indy Red Fan Focus. Up this week we have another of our female Indy Reds(yes the Liverpool love here in Indy is not just a boys club)


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 7.06.34 PM

Name: Ryutaro (Tomi) Makaneole
Twitter: @tominomigotchi

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? In Junior High, I had to write a paper on a Socialist. I asked my stepbrother if he had any ideas on who I could write my essay about. As a huge music lover he told me to check out Bill Shankly, “from the land of the Beatles!” So I did… I mean, you kind of can’t go wrong with the Beatles. For two weeks I learned everything I could about that man. Passed my essay and class and still could not stop reading about Shankly. I was without a doubt hooked on him. Which made me (A huge West Ham fan at the time) take an interest in the team that he had supported and loved. Took a step back from the Hammers and realized that Liverpool was for me. Proud Red ever since. They were more than just a team, they were a family and included it’s fans in this big family as well.

First LFC memory? Growing up a West Ham fan, I had watched a few LFC matches when they were against WHU. Before making the big switch, I always thought LFC had the greatest song. As I began to get more involved with LFC, the song started to have more meaning and to this day, You’ll Never Walk Alone still gives me chills. But I’ll never forget the first time it happened. As far as first LFC memory during a match… When Michael Owen scored his 100th goal with LFC vs WHU. I was 13 and blown away. I was happy for him as a key player but also happy for Liverpool as a whole.

Favorite LFC memory? Of course, ISTANBUL.!! But watching them return to Liverpool and the response from the fans was overwhelming. Imagine being there, with over 700k fellow Reds. Even from Indiana, you could feel the love and it was beautiful!! Hands down, my favorite LFC memory.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? Always a pre-match FaceTime session or phone call with my footy partners in crime across the pond. My phone will be going off for hours before the match “You awake? WAKE UP! It’s match day!” Granted they are already drunk. We talk about how we think it will play out, what we are drinking, if we are going anywhere to watch it, etc. Other than that, You will never see me with my nails representing anything but LFC throughout the season. Such a girl answer, whatever. Lol.

Where were you during Istanbul? I was a junior in high school. No cool story about watching them win and getting tanked. More along the lines of last minute studying for finals, calling my stepbrother between classes, and wishing the day would go by fast.

Favorite Current Player and Why? Gerrard and Sturridge. Stevie G.! Because, well… He is literally a legend. His passion for the sport and club makes me proud to call myself a Red, and proud to call him my badass Scouse Captain. Studge.! He is just amazing. He and Suarez as a pair were fierce and unmatched. Now with Suarez being gone, I feel we will truly be able to see him rise and I am especially excited to watch him this season.! He never lets me down and always makes for a good match. Plus, his dance is tops. Lol.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? Bill Shankly. Bill Shankly. Bill Shankly. To be able to be in his presence and hear his story out of his mouth would be such an amazing moment. I’m not entirely sure what I would ask him, as I would be in awe at everything he had to say. Of course I would thank him for being such an influential figure in LFC history and give him praise on his life and all he had done. As far as the course of the conversation goes, totally go with the flow and just listen to him. See what advice he had to offer and just take in those few hours with him and truly listen to everything he had to say.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 7.06.15 PM

Favorite LFC kit ever? I’m a huge fan of last seasons kit, it was just clean and sleek looking. The Liverbird on the chest and the gold looks really good on the red. The bright white on the collar and sleeves makes it stand out even more. I wouldn’t mind if they extended using the same design a bit.! My favorite kit ever, 2008 home kit. I love ADIDAS. So the ADIDAS logo on the middle as well as the triple stripes were great to look at. The full color Liverpool crest on the chest made it a definite win/win.! I would love for them to put the full crest back on the kits and would also love to see that ADIDAS logo again. Just sayin…

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? If I were Liverpool owner for 1 day, I would make it easier for fans outside of UK to make it to a home match. Possibly have a series of contests allowing a few winners from supporting countries the chance to win a home ticket including airfare and the opportunity to meet the players. It would end up being a bit costly, but I think that would be great for the loyal fans from other countries.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? Before joining Twitter, I got the bulk of my LFC news from the LFC site, Friends in England, as well as a Liverpool News app. Having Twitter, it seems to come from all over the place now. Constant updates from fellow reds, official accounts of the players, LFC Indy is the reason I joined on twitter. Two thumbs up. 🙂

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area ?Get on Twitter and figure out where everyone was going, to meet up with my fellow Indy Reds! Celebrate properly, surrounded by awesome people who have the same passion for the same great club. Call off work if we got to, we just won the league. 🙂

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play? I’m looking forward to watching Sterling, of course. He’s such a valuable member of the team and has a lot to offer. Also just fascinating to watch.

Favorite LFC Goal? Gerrard’s 90th min goal against WHU in the FA cup leading up to the win. Such a great match as a fan of both clubs.!

Have you ever seen LFC play in person? I’ve never been to an LFC match. I don’t think I will go to an LFC match anywhere until I see them at Anfield first. I’m a stubborn person and although I know they will be amazing anywhere, I am set on my first time being at Anfield. I just know that there would be no other way to experience it first hand than to be at home.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  Pretty busy with my two awesome kids, but I’m an avid collector of Star Wars memorabilia and pandas. I love reading and learning about different cultures. WWII History obsessed. I also enjoy helping out with charities when I can. Always a good feeling to pay it forward.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Favorite local beer would have to be Oaken Barrel’s Snakepit, Brewed in Greenwood. I love a good porter and it’s my favorite locally brewed. I am also a fan of their Indiana Amber, for those who enjoy Amber Ale.

What makes you most proud to support LFC? I am proud to be a Red because when you meet a fellow Red, you are automatically like family. Being able to have that in common with people is a great feeling. You just pick up like you’ve been friends for years. As a whole, we are a welcoming, friendly, diehard group of fans who share the same respect and love.

Best thing about being an Indy Red? Being able to build friendships with others nearby who share the same love for LFC as you.

Thanks Tomi, always fun to post these each week and learn about our Indy Reds.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 7.05.20 PM
Your RedMen are back in action this weekend, Saturday 12:30 kickoff v Aston Villa. Should a pretty good match. The Villains have given us some trouble the last two times out at Anfield.
Here is Brendan Rodgers Pre-match press conference.

LFC have been hit with the injury bug of late. Out this week will be Sturridge(2-3 more weeks) Skrtel, Flanno, Can(up to 6 weeks) Johnson.

Good news…Lallana is fit to play and it looks like Hendo is a go too.
We also have a much deeper team and bench then we’ve had in previous years. Luckily we also have a little “softer” schedule over these next few weeks.
Will be good to see players like Lallana, Markovic, Lambert, Borini come into the squad and step up.

Get out to Union Jack Pub! Should be packed. If you’ve never been to Indy Anfield this is the perfect time to come out. Great kickoff time to go and get some lunch either before or after the match. Get some good food and beer in before you head down to the Indy Eleven match that evening.
Speaking of Indy Eleven looks like we are going to have quite a few Indy Reds there. Who is up for a tailgate meet up before the match? Yes we probably just got done seeing the majority of you at UJ’s but Come on out to the tailgate and say Hi to everyone and drink some good beer to get those vocal chords warmed up to cheer on your Indy XI.
Look forward to seeing Union Jacks packed on Saturday & meeting more of our Indy Reds.

Fan Focus/International Break

Welcome back Indy Reds. Since LFC and the EPL are on International Break here is a new Indy Red Fan Focus to hold you over until the match next Saturday v Villa. Up this week is Zach, I’m sure you have seen him out at the Indy Eleven matches and on twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.08.30 PM

Name: Zach Shorter

How did you pick Liverpool as your team?  Played with them on old console gaming systems and stuck with them.  Truly found my love for the club when I studied abroad in London, England in 2006; right before they won the FA Cup.  Liverpudlians cannot be matched when it comes to passion and love for their club.

First LFC memory?  My first true memory came when I watched the FA Cup win in 2001 when Owen scored twice to help LFC in their comeback win.

Favorite LFC memory?  Easy, Instanbul.  However, to change it up a bit, Gerrard’s beautiful, curling, last-minute winner against Villa in 2007 really has stuck with me.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match?  I used to eat an entire box of twinkies before each match (which I have a pretty good record with) but my health suffers greatly when I do, so I’m currently looking for another.  I always wear the same shirt as the players do for each match.

Where were you during Istanbul?  I was in a lounge at college watching with a small group of other friends.

Favorite Current Player and Why?  Gerrard is my football hero.  He is the definition of legend and leader.  His loyalty to the club and passion for the game is unmatched.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why?  Without question, Steven Gerrard.  Everyone wants to meet their hero.

Favorite LFC kit ever? I would have to say the 2008/09 home kit.  Just had a clean look about it that screamed champion.  We were close that year!

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do?  This is a tough question.  From a business stand point, the right people are in place to manage the club so I wouldn’t make any changes there.  This is a weird, off-the-wall “want” but hey if I can make it happen, awesome.   I would attach a building next to Anfield via a skybridge with luxury condos.  I always thought that would be really cool to fulfill the dream for those who want to “live” at Anfield.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info?  Twitter, LFC website, and ESPN

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.33.36 PM

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?  I’m going where the party’s at.  Indy Anfield, Union Jack Pub.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?  I’m really looking forward to seeing how Henderson and Sterling progress this year.  They both grew leaps and bounds last season and I can’t wait to see how it continues.

Favorite LFC Goal?  It’s between the Gerrard winner against Villa and Gerrard’s goal to get things going in Instanbul.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person?  Saw them for the first time in Chicago in July.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  I love the Pacers.  I “grew up” spending lots of time at Market Square Arena and what was then Conseco Fieldhouse.  My dad worked for the Pacers and so I would spend many days during the summers or when I times when I was sick there with him.  I also love weather and astronomy.  I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to that.  I also mix trance music on rare occasion.  Not the best by any means but I have fun!

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match?  Sun King’s Wee Mac

What makes you most proud to support LFC?  There is no other “fanbase” as loving of their club as LFC supporters are.  The passion, the “we will never quit” attitude of the players.  I’m always proud to wear my red shirt.

Best thing about being  an Indy Red? Thankful we finally are getting this official!!


Thanks Zach!

Well after that 3-0 thrashing we have Spurs it is an early season International Break.
The big news is Daniel Sturridge picked up a thigh injury in training. Looks like he could be out for a couple weeks. Major bummer, but now is the time for Lambert/Borini/Markovic/Coutinho to step it up and help out on the score sheet.

Even though the transfer window is over(what a window it was, very successful window) LFC are closing in on completing the signing of free transfer of former Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes.

Hopefully this week goes quick, look forward to seeing Union Jack Pub filled up for the 12:30 kickoff v Aston Villa on Saturday.

Thoughts on this simple T-shirt idea?

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.06.13 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.06.28 PM


Would be about $10 a shirt. Could do either just the front or have the front and the back.
Willing to pre-order/pre-pay for them? If you have any design ideas get on Customink.com and post them to the twitter or Facebook page.





Fan Focus and UCL Draw

Time to kick off another action packed weekend with a new Indy Red Fan Focus. In honor of most Universities & Colleges starting here recently we will feature one of our Indy Reds who is heading off to school.  He is pretty active on Twitter & you can even see some of his writing on some LFC fan sites too.

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Name: Cody Taylor
How did you pick Liverpool as your team? When I first fell in love with soccer, I vowed to not become a fan of a specific team. I found no point in following a team from across the world. But, that came to an end very quickly when I travelled to Baltimore with my friend to watch Liverpool play Spurs. To be honest, I think the thing that attracted me to Liverpool Football Club was the fans before anything. I then very quickly and obviously fell in love with the history and players. I also was attracted to the fact that the team was somewhat of an underdog team, and not a high spending rich Manchester City esque team.
First LFC memory? My first LFC memory would probably be winning the League Cup in 11/12. This was around the time when I started watching Liverpool.
Favorite LFC memory? Because I haven’t been a fan for the longest time, I have a pretty short history with the club. With that being said, my favorite memory has to be our run in the league last campaign. Coming so close to a title when you are written off by everyone is something that truly feels magical.
Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? I always spend the night at my best friends house, and wake up early to watch the game with him and another friend. He was much like I was. He was a fan of the sport. It did not take him long to fall in love with the club. He even travelled to Chicago this year with me for the ICC match.
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Where were you during Istanbul? Well I had just turned 10, so I would presume I was riding around on a new bike I got for my birthday.
Favorite Current Player and Why? Raheem Sterling. Sterling in my opinion has it all; pace, touch, finesse, good decision making, and he’s tough. Add those attributes to the fact that he is my age makes him one of footballs most exciting players.
If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? I think it would have to be Bill Shankly. I have read many books about Shankly and I am always taken back by how hospitable he was. He would openly invite fans into his home for coffee and a nice chat. He was a man of character and can be a role model for generations of Liverpool fans and Soccer fans alike.
Favorite LFC kit ever? The year I was born!! I really like the 1995/96 away kits. With that being said, any of the classic red kits are just as high up there on the list. Seeing the iconic red kits makes me happy every time!
You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? I grant members of LFCIndy full access to anything in the team. Basically we would have the same privileges as someone who was best friends with our owners.
Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? All on twitter and Google News.
LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area? Well since I’m not 21 the Union Jacks situation can get tricky with times, but I’d have to say a dinner at my home with my family and friends who all follow LFC.
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Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Emre Can. In my opinion Emre is a modern day defensive minded box to box midfielder who likes to get forward. He reminds me of an un-polished young Yaya Toure. This type of player is almost a necessity in the modern game and Liverpool will love his physical presence in the middle of the field.
Favorite LFC Goal?
Have you ever seen LFC play in person? I have been lucky enough to see Liverpool play twice. I saw them in their two most recent USA summer tours. I saw them play Spurs in Baltimore and Olympiacos. I was also lucky enough to have seen them train at Melwood this summer.
What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have? I am a pretty big Pacer fan, but honestly nothing matters to me besides Liverpool.
Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Well the only Beer I can legally have is while in Liverpool, so no Indy area places work for me. I did have a really good pear beer while in Liverpool One this summer though.
What makes you most proud to support LFC? I have so many things running through my head, I do not even know what to say. I truly find it hard to answer this question because of how many reasons I love this club. The fans, the players, the staff, the history, the values, what is there that this clubs doesn’t have to offer?
Best thing about being an Indy Red? I am a Hoosier, and a Red, what combination is better than that?
Thanks Cody!
LFC News:
As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, Thursday was the Champions League Draw. Liverpool made out pretty good in the draw.
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LFC, Real Madrid, FC Basel & Ludogorets came up in group B.
Obviously the big time match is going to be LFC v Real. Should be some incredible scenes at Anfield and The Bernabeau. Quick history lesson LFC are 3-0 all time v Real Madrid. One of those wins was to win the European Cup and the most recent win was a 4-0 drubbing of them at Anfield.
LFC should feel confident about getting out of this group and gaining some big confidence heading into the knockout stages.
Here is the dates for the matches. You’ve heard of big time European Nights, get ready for Big Time European Afternoons at Union Jack!!
09/16 LFC v Ludogorets
10/01 FC Basel v LFC
10/22 LFC v Real Madrid *****
11/04 Real Madrid v LFC *****
11/26 Ludogorets v LFC
12/09 LFC v FC Basel
It is great to have Champions League action back!!
Not going to review the City match, you all watched it. It wasn’t pleasant. Only second match of the year and without Lallana & Mario v defending champs. It will all be ok.
This Sunday we take on Spurs away. 8:30am Kickoff.
Indy Eleven play Saturday night so keep that energy & excitement going for the next morning and get out to Union Jack Pub for the match. Get those 3 points.
Should see new signing Balotelli in action this weekend. Possibly Lallana too. Lazar was fun to watch v City when he came off the bench.
Have a great weekend Indy Reds.

Fan Focus

Time for another round of our Indy Red Fan Focus. This series has been extremely popular so far which is great to see. It has been very fun to do. Look forward to posting these each week.
Up today is one of my most favorite Indy Reds to sit down and have a beer and a chat with. This guy knows his beer & his soccer. You will see him out at the Indy Eleven matches & at UJ’s & Chatham during LFC & USA matches & he is always posting some nice little nuggets on Social Media.


Name: Jim Dimitri

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? I did what some other American fans new to the Premier League do when they’re searching for a team: I chose Liverpool because they had an American player. This was back in 1998, when the only way to watch Premiership matches in Indy was to tune in to the local Fox Sports affiliate, which showed a weekly Premier League highlights program every Sunday night. At the time, I’d been a soccer fan for four years after getting addicted to the sport during the 1994 World Cup. I’d met Brad Friedel during that World Cup at a reception in Detroit for the USA team after the team’s 1-1 draw with Switzerland at the Pontiac Silverdome (this must have been not long after USA coach Bora Milutinovic exhorted the team to “Size the Day”—There’s an inside joke for all you Men in Blazers fans). At that World Cup, Brad was the USA’s number two ‘keeper behind Tony Meola.

Anyway, I was already watching MLS in ’98 but wanted to pick a Premiership team as well. So I knew that Brad was a Liverpool goalkeeper and I said, “Boom, there’s my team,” even though Brad didn’t play for the club much. Yes, it was an arbitrary decision, made in full ignorance of LFC’s illustrious history, but there I was, a newly-minted Liverpool fan. Making LFC my team was made sweeter when I later learned about the club’s history and when I saw that the club had Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler booting in goals.

First LFC memory? I don’t know that this is my first memory, but it’s the first important memory: the first time I watched Liverpool with another Liverpool fan. I am fortunate to still call that fan my friend almost 14 years after that meeting. The friend in question is fellow Indy Red Bryan Smith. Bryan and I were regulars on the BigSoccer.com forums and met each other on that website. This would have been in 2000 if I remember correctly. When we discovered that we were both Liverpool fans, we arranged to meet at the Fox and Hound in Castleton to watch a LFC match. I think it was a UEFA Cup (now called the Europa League) match against Olympiakos or something like that—you’ll have to check with Bryan because he has the better memory. I do remember it was a weekday afternoon match. So we both showed up wearing the same shirt—the home kit shirt for that season—which was kind of weird at the time. Think about it—two guys wearing the same foreign sports team shirt showing up in a nearly-empty pub at 2:30 in the afternoon at a time when few Americans cared about the Premier League. It wouldn’t be weird now, but we kind of chuckled about it back then. We were happy that not many other people were there because of the funny looks we might have gotten. Anyway, LFC won, and each of us had made a new friend. That was a good day. We’ve watched many a match together since then, including USA, Chicago Fire, and Indy Eleven matches.

Favorite LFC memory? The 2005 Champions League Final. No question.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? I’m not a superstitious person, so no.

Where were you during Istanbul? I was with Bryan at Rob n’ Jay’s Chippy (RIP), which used to be at 52nd and College where the restaurant E+D is now, next to the Red Key Tavern. The Chippy was a fish-and-chips shop owned by a down-to-earth Manc named Jason Kersh. He’s a Man U fan, but we don’t hold that against him because he used to serve delicious fish and chips (with curry sauce—and a side of mushy peas!), and in 2005 provided one of the only venues in town to watch European football on a regular basis. So there Bryan and I were downing Guinness and Strongbow Cider to drown our sorrows after going down 3-0 to AC Milan before the half. I will never forget that as we sat there at halftime, Bryan looked at me and said, “We’re going to come back.” I laughed because I’m cynical. But as history has shown, Bryan was right. And I’m a happy man for that. So the lesson there—listen to Bryan Smith when he says your team is going to win because he’s right.

Favorite Current Player and Why? A lot of people will say Stevie G, but for me, it’s Jordan Henderson. I think he’s the most well-rounded player the club has. He reminds me a bit of Xabi Alonso but perhaps isn’t as strong in the tackle as Xabi was when he was a Liverpool player (Hendo will get there, though). Any player who is like Xabi is a player I’m going to love because Xabi is my all-time favorite Liverpool player. And I think Hendo is going to blossom into a fantastic player. Did you see the pass he delivered to Sterling for Raheem’s goal against Southampton last Sunday? That’s what I’m talking about.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever, who it would it be & why? Because I don’t know as much about him as I would like to know, Bob Paisley.

Favorite LFC kit ever? The primary Champions League kit the team wore when they returned to the Champions League in the early ‘00s after a long absence. All red of course, with a white v-neck collar and a gold crest and lettering. Very simple, very classic.

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day. What do you do? As of now, help Brendan Rodgers buy another striker, but only if the value and quality of the player are there and the player is a good fit for the club. Could probably use another defender or two as well. Otherwise, I would counsel patience and reiterate the following: In BR We Trust!


Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? Mostly Twitter—Liverpool Offside, This is Anfield, Men in Blazers, and of course LFC’s official Twitter feed and @LFCIndy. I also love @MostarLFC, which posts videos of goals almost immediately after they happen. Very handy whenever I can’t watch the matches live. And by the way, if you’re not following @usasoccerguy on Premier League match days, you’re missing out on one of the best parody accounts on Twitter. Picture the most clueless American soccer fan and you have @usasoccerguy, who refers to LFC as the “Liver Ducks,” Luis Suarez as “Swearez” and “the Soccer Beaver,” Martin Skrtel as “Martin Shirtpull,” Merseyside as “Mercyside,” and Anfield as “Anfield Arena.”

LFC have just won the league. Where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area? First, to the Union Jack for pints with my fellow Indy Reds. Then to La Margarita in Fountain Square, which has the best little tap list in the city. Plus, owner Jon Rangel is a big soccer fan, though he’s a Mexico supporter (We forgive you, Jon). Then on to Black Acre Brewing Company in Irvington for a nightcap.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play? Emre Can. I think he’s going to be a great player (Can you see that I have an affinity for central midfielders?).

Favorite LFC Goal? Hard to pick. I’ll have to go with two from my man Xabi Alonso. He once scored a goal from just behind the center circle against Newcastle. And then there’s his goal to tie up the match during the 2005 Champions League Final. That was a clinical display of why you always follow up a penalty kick just in case you miss and have a chance at the rebound.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person? Alas, no. But I’m going to Anfield to watch a match one day. No doubt about it.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have? I used to watch more baseball, basketball, and NFL games, but I just don’t have the time to do that anymore. So soccer is my only true sporting love now. There’s so much soccer to watch, with international matches, the Premiership, MLS, and now Indy Eleven. Really an embarrassment of riches. I’m also big into craft beer—I write for the blog Hoosier Beer Geek, though I’m currently taking a break from the beer-blogging gig.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Good segue! So hard to choose. If I’m at home watching a match, I’d have to go with anything from Black Acre, fresh from a growler I brought home from the brewery the night before—probably a growler of their Ol’ Fritz Berliner Weisse. And if I’m at the Union Jack, I’d go with a Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout. Scarlet Lane’s head brewer, Chris Knott, is a big soccer fan. He’s a Bayern Munich guy.

What makes you most proud to support LFC? The other Liverpool fans I’ve met. They are wonderful people and always super-knowledgeable and passionate about the club. I am always impressed by how much LFC fans know about the club and its history.

Best thing about being an Indy Red? The camaraderie. Getting together with the rest of the Indy Reds for matches is always fun.


Thank you Jim!

Now onto some LFC news:

Biggest Story obviously is the giant news that LFC have agreed to sign Forward Mario Balotelli for 16million from AC Milan. Super Mario is obviously a polarizing figure but this is an incredible bit of business by LFC. Balotelli is only 24, so he is still young & can continue to improve & grow. As for his attitude problems that he can have sometime, Rodgers and Dr Steve Peters will sort that out. Rodgers knows how to get the best out of his players. Suarez only had 21 goals in his first 2 seasons at LFC, in the 2 years following with Rodgers he had 61. BR can help make a player World Class.
If everything gets signed by Noon today Mario would be eligible to play Monday v his old team City.
Moreno should be good to go and hopefully will be in the starting lineup on Monday.

Exciting times at Liverpool. Lots of very fun players to watch. Great time to be a fan.


Indy Red Fan Focus Part 2

As promised here is the 2nd of our two Indy Red Fan Focus features this week to kick off the season. Up now is a guy who I have known for a while & I’m sure you’ve seen him out at Union Jack for the matches.

Name: Rustin Kratz

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? My first club traveling soccer team coach was from Liverpool. I was nine years old. My mother made me lie about my age to make the team because it was U12. I made the team

First LFC memory? My brother studied abroad in England for a few years in the early 90s. He asked what he could bring home for me. I replied a red Liverpool kit. He brought it home and I was so excited. The Adidas equipment jersey from the ’91-’92 season

Favorite LFC memory? So many that it’s hard to pick. Especially since TV coverage was so scarce until the recent years. So I’ll just say when I hear YNWA before every Anfield match I tingle a little bit

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? Kit and scarf a must, and of course a few pints no matter what time of day

Where were you during Istanbul? I was home with my two year old daughter. Very emotional


Favorite Current Player and Why? Joe Allen, just kidding. Of course it’s the skippa! He represents everything Liverpool. On and off the field he’s a great role model. Father, leads by example, fire, captain. CAPTAIN FANTASTIC!

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? Fernando Torres. I would just like to tell him he’s an idiot. Suarez and Torres, what could have been. And to tell him my daughter cried when I told her he left. It was her first lesson to her little innocent mind that there’s no loyalty in sport

Favorite LFC kit ever? My ’91-’92 Adidas equipment with the Candy sponsorship

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? Nothing as of now, seems we’re in a good place

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? Echo or Twitter

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area? Wherever the Indy Reds are at!!

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play? I would say Sterling as a young player but seems he’s a vet now even though he’s only 19! I think it’s his time to really break through and get to the fifteen goal plateau. New player I would say Lovren. I just feel he can command that back four like Carra used too which I think was lost last year. Seemed Gerrard would have to drop back and do it to much

Favorite LFC Goal? Whew another question with too many to choose. In recent memory it has to be Coutinho versus Man City last year. That’s when “Make Us Dream” really kicked in for me. Especially after these dismal recent years

Have you ever seen LFC play in person? Yep in Chicago this year! Planning a Anfield visit in the next few years


What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have? Yankees, University of Michigan, Colts.I golf when I can but it’s hard as I’m a stay at home dad with my six month old. I also really enjoy playing FIFA online with LFC.But my biggest hobby are my two little ladies and watching them grow. I coach my 11 year olds soccer team and have frequently since she was three. She had a game on my wedding day May 11, 2013. Somebody during our rehearsal dinner dared her she couldn’t score seven, she scored 11. The coach on the other team approached me after the game saying I should’ve played her in the back for the second half. But I kept her at the #10 as I always do. I replied “then your team wouldn’t have made it past half field on this day.” He had no response.



Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Diagnosed gluten intolerant two years ago right before the Indy local beer market exploded. So I can’t really elaborate. If I could choose it would be a stout for the early 7:30am matches and the hoppiest IPA for the 11am and later matches

What makes you most proud to support LFC? Tradition. YNWA. Anfield. Respect. Steven Gerrard. Supporters. Love. Passion. Grit

Best thing about being an Indy Red? I’ll never forget starting a new job and I was wearing my kit. From about fifty cubicles away I hear YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE from Nile Smith.
***Editors Note*** This is true I did do this, I was so excited to see another LFC fan at work. Most people would think you are a crazy person but not a fellow Red.
I also try and make it to matches at Union Jack’s when I can. And when I do there might only be a few for those 7:30 matches but there are some, always. Even this past winter when we had that horrible weather I would show up and find a few guys there. I even sat next to guy once that was actually from Liverpool, I think we named him Scouser Jack. He expressed how impressed he was how aware we Americans were about tactics and the game itself. That meant a lot to me.

Thank you Rustin!

On to some LFC News:

As you’ve heard we finally landed Spanish Fullback Alberto Moreno. He should be a great addition to the team & backline. Him & Manquillo on either side with Lovren & either Sakho or Skrtel, is one strong back line. Lil Ol Ian Ayre did a mighty good job so far bringing in the folks that Rodgers wanted.
Kolo Toure has shot down a move to Turkey. He said he wants to stay & fight for his spot. (Someone wants another Winners Medal)
There is now a new Academy Director, Alex Inglethorpe lots of promising Academy Players coming up so hopefully everything works out.
In some very good news to hear LFC have stated that a 2016 USA tour has been “Penciled In” after the great success of this last USA tour. That is wonderful news for us because we will be official by then & never know might get a Midwest stop. Best guess is they will go to Boston first & then hit up the West Coast because they haven’t been out there. Why not stop in Indy to break up the flight & give the Midwest it’s Fix?!

In LFC Indy News:
You guys have done phenomenal this week getting those LFC memberships & getting them to us. We had a massive jump in numbers this past week. We are up to 35 people with LFC memberships. Those folks with LFC memberships will have first access for Pre-Ordering our Inaugural Supporters Club Scarves.   Speaking of Scarves, please get those designs to us so we can start narrowing down the choices & decide on one.

Here is a cool looking Banner that one of our Indy Reds Lou created.

Season is almost ready to start, make sure you get to Union Jack Pub on Sunday 8:30am kickoff. Bring a friend. Come watch the Poetry In Motion.






Indy Red Fan Focus

Welcome back to another edition of our Indy Red Fan Focus. The first of our two features this week in celebration of the start of the new season is one of our female Indy Reds Eavan. You have probably seen her at the Indy Eleven matches or on social media.


Name: Eavan Warfel

How did you pick Liverpool as your team? I chose my EPL team about 5 years ago, after having been a soccer fan in general for many years.  My husband & I were having lunch one afternoon, and he just decided we should pick teams so we could jump in and become serious fans.  He chose, ahem, Chelsea, because he’s an a**hole.  I knew I’d pick Liverpool, and that was that.  I suppose the universe wanted me to experience further emotional strife…it’s been a long 5 years as a Red, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First LFC memory? Aside from my first few matches watching with the rabid soccer crowd at Chatham Tap downtown, my most vivid memory was receiving my first LFC jersey.  Of course, I went with the #7 Suarez.  Because again, I must love emotional strife.
Favorite LFC memory? Celebrating last season’s 2nd place finish with my bros at Union Jack.
Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? At least one Carlsberg per match, even at 8 am.
Where were you during Istanbul? Not yet a card-carrying LFC supporter, in May 2005 I was still on active duty at Camp Atterbury with the Indiana Army National Guard.  Wish I could’ve experienced that match in real time, but I did read the Wikipedia page about it, if that counts for anything.
Favorite Current Player and Why? Gerrard, Sturridge, Coutinho, Sterling…..after Suarez took his thrice-conceived epic swan dive from grace, I love my team collectively.  I couldn’t choose just one player.  I also cherish Agger and even thuggish-ruggish-bone-own-goal Skrtel.
If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? Tie for Carragher or Gerrard.  As a newer fan, these guys epitomize the team for me.   Just to chat with them about their experiences, and how being an integral part of such a legendary organization has impacted their lives…….man.  I mean, how incredible would that be?
Favorite LFC kit ever? While I have so much love for Bryan’s ecru number, I do super love the early ’80s away kits.  Harkening back to when I was born, the Umbro, yellow with red pinstripes, Dalglish, league wins under Bob Paisley, it doesn’t get better.  Sidebar: I love that this ’14-’15 season is going back to yellow aways.
You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? Hash it out in the Boot Room.  I don’t know a whole lot about actually playing soccer, so I’d just be happy to be there with the people who do, and throw in my 2 cents every now and then.  “Get Johnson outta here!” might be something I’d suggest.  I don’t begrudge him his moments of greatness, but srsly. (!!)
Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? 99% from Twitter.  LFC Indy, Guardian, Bleacher Report UK, Liverpool Echo, @LFC_Blog, and other LFC fans.  Also some transfer “news” sites, but with plenty of salt.
LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?UJ’s, duh.  And then let the mayhem develop from there.  I’d be taking the following day off work, obviously.
Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Emre Can is FIERCELY exciting.
Favorite LFC Goal? Not a fave goal, but a fave match for sure.  May 2012, during an abysmal season, we were sensational against Chelsea in league play.  It was kind of a bright spot.  Suárez scored, Chelsea had an own goal, Hendo scored, then Shelvey (Skrtel’s less-scary older brother) was pretty magnificent, some other stuff happened, and we won.  By, like, a lot.  I don’t get many “in your face!” moments against my husband’s Chelsea side, but this was one and it was awesome.
Have you ever seen LFC play in person? YES.  Chicago this past July 27 vs Olympiacos.  It was one of the best weekends ever I’ve had in my life, only second to my completely magical wedding.
What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?  I am from northern California, so San Francisco teams are my jam.  I am a faithful Giants, Niners, and Warriors fan.  Baseball is my favorite sport aside from soccer.  I also appreciate good food, and cooking really excellent food has developed into a sort of helpful hobby with my husband and 3 stepchildren to feed all the time.  Growing as much of said food as possible has become another side hobby.  Local craft beer/wine/spirits all fit in there as well.
Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? Hmmm.  I love the rotating selection at Union Jack, so I don’t often have the same local beer during matches.  I will, however, volunteer the idea that some avid local home brewer & LFC supporter create a red IPA or other red ale to be dubbed our local supporter club’s beer.  This season, my match day plan is to drink as much of Scarlet Lane’s Vivian Red IPA as possible.  So just prepare for that, guys.
What makes you most proud to support LFC? The camaraderie is unbelievable.  I feel a stronger bond with fellow Reds than I ever could have imagined.  You see the Liverbird on someone’s shirt, regardless of where you are, and you know that’s a friend.  It’s definitely a cool thing.
Best thing about being an Indy Red? Being a part of this great group of people who have a wonderful opportunity to represent our city on a national and even an international scale.  We are ever expanding, and I think we have so many resources to attract soccer-minded folks to future LFC Indy events, both growing the interest for LFC here, and demonstrating our dedication abroad.  Chalk that up to my innate optimism and grandiose plans.


Thanks Eavan! Like the idea of an Indy Red craft beer. We have a few female Indy Reds which is always good to see that isn’t just one big boys club.

On to some quick LFC News/Rumors:
LFC is supposedly lining up a deal for the free transfer of former Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o. Has to be for depth purposes, no way he slots into starting lineup.
The ongoing saga with Fullback Alberto Moreno continues.
LFC played a behind closed doors friendly yesterday.

In LFC Indy news, We keep on adding memberships which is great. We are up to 700 followers on Twitter(which seems crazy to me that it is that high) If you have any scarf designs send them over. If you do make a scarf design try to incorporate the LFC Indy logo that we’ve been using(The Liverbird in the state flag) Here is a link to our Indy Red Lou Carranza who created the logo on flicker. Yellow Version (which has been the overwhelming favorite) White Version
Would like to start getting the scarf ideas narrowed down to a couple, so we can start the process of ordering them so they get here close to when we become official.

5 more day Indy Reds! If you haven’t already get those plans set to head to Union Jacks for the match Sunday 8:30am Kickoff.
Also over the next few weeks if you happen to stop in at Chatham Tap downtown, you might want to take a gander at their Fantasy Premier League Trophy, you might see a familiar name of an Indy Red on the trophy.



Indy Red Fan Focus

Here it is our first Indy Reds Fan Focus. In this series we will feature an Indy Red each week so you can get to know your fellow Indy Reds better & learn how other folks came to know & love this wonderful team.

First up is one of our more seasoned Indy Reds, Bryan Smith. The guy is awesome to sit down & have a beer & chat about LFC with, lots of knowledge of the club & all around great dude.

BSmith and Owen in BYB

Name: Bryan Smith 43 Married, father of 3. Northsider. Twitter @BryanSTL

How did you pick Liverpool as your team?  I discovered the EPL in the early 90’s by watching the weekly highlights show on Fox while working a job travelling the PGA Tour from city to city. What a league! Faster paced than anything I had ever seen including the World Cup, physical yet incredibly skillful, and crowd passion off the charts. The Kop in particular was mesmerizing, the team exciting, and a young striker I will mention later helped seal the deal. Discovering the rich club history came not long after, and was icing on the cake. I’m a big Beatles fan too which was a nice coincidence.

 First LFC memory? I played a lot of CYO soccer in St. Louis & some travel soccer for 5 years. Even when I was about 10 we had heard of the Liverpool sides in the late 70’s and 80’s winning nearly everything. All I knew then was LFC won a lot, and wore red. Robbie Fowler’s 4 minute hat-trick would be my first LFC memory if this were a Hollywood script. My future wife Jen would have been the bartender at the pub I was watching the game at, and all I ever wanted to do with my life was to rid the world of youth sized blue shirts in third world nations. She would save me and some bad 80’s ballad would play.

 Favorite LFC memory? Istanbul is the obvious choice here, but I will always remember watching the 4-3 wins over Newcastle alone at my apartment on the south side in both 96 and again the next year. Recorded on VHS tape back then, I would watch late into the night. Incredible matches, I had to shout into a pillow at about midnight to avoid waking the baby. I knew of no other Indy Reds, and watched matches at home only. I remember trying to justify why I was so interested in this club, why I was on the edge of my seat for matches thousands of miles away. I couldn’t.

 Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match? Not really, unless you count score watching? My current job allows me to watch the big matches live 95% of the time, but if not, I will never look up a score if I’m recording it at home. The thrill of a goal is too enjoyable not to try to maximize it. I do ram my car straight into anyone I see wearing an Everton shirt. Is that a superstition or a life skill?

 Where were you during Istanbul? I was at a crowded Rob & Jay’s Chippy, an authentic Fish-n-Chips shop formerly on College Ave, south of Broad Ripple. Fellow Indy Red Jim Dimitri was there too and those 6 crazy minutes were simply unbelievable. The owner Jason was from Manchester (or at least supported them), and I recall him being even more shocked than we were. I think he was genuinely entertained by us going absolutely crazy after Xabi Alonzo roofed the rebound of that missed penalty. I was supposed to be at work at the time, no way I was missing that match.

 Favorite Current Player and Why? It has to be Steven Gerrard for me. Beyond everything he has done for the club, the man has scored in the World Cup, The Champions League Final, The UEFA Cup Final, and the greatest Equalizer the FA Cup Final has ever seen. Who can match that? Rival supporters who like to bring up the fact that he slipped vs Chelsea last year or almost transferred once aren’t worth my time.

 If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why? Robbie Fowler, no doubt about it. It was his genius in the mid 90’s that helped me become a LFC supporter and I’d genuinely thank him. Fowler is simply the best first touch finisher I have ever seen. He named a racehorse “Some Horse” and “Another Horse” just to screw with the race announcer! That’s a guy I want to have a beer with. 186 career goals will offer plenty of material, or I can mention we named our family dog “Fowler.” Well, I named it I guess.

 Favorite LFC kit ever? Mine! The 96-97 Ecru Away Kit, with Fowler 9 on the back. I’ve owned the kit forever, and finally found the felt name/number for the back this year after looking online for a decade plus. As for home kits, I liked last year’s shirt a lot. I really liked the white accents on the collar and sleeves, finding them both modern and traditional at the same time, and I love the yellow Liverbird and LFC crest seen the past few seasons. I prefer shirts without a polo shirt collar. I was a good enough golfer to be offered partial college scholarships, I don’t need my soccer shirts to look like a golf shirt, sorry.

 You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do? Great question, I had a tough time coming up with something to be honest. I think I would try to do something about the price of tickets… for one section at Anfield. Create a program where ticket prices were affordable, say 10 Pounds, and fans without the financial clout to attend matches but could demonstrate passion for the club via some kind of application process, could attend. I think it would make for an interesting atmosphere in that section.

 Where do you go to get your LFC news/info? LFC Indy Twitter/Facebook and several other Twitter accounts and I have the Liverpool Echo and Guardian newspaper apps on my phone. I also listen to a lot of podcasts, with Guardian Football Weekly, The Anfield Wrap, and The Total Soccer show topping the list. Back in the day? www.bigsoccer.com I have not visited there in years, it was a lot of fun at one time.

 LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area? Wherever the mob exiting Union Jack wanders I suppose… If we leave at all that is. The atmosphere at UJ for the with over Man City last year was sensational. Imagine the noise if we win the league?!?! If I were going out for a proper celebration dinner, St. Elmo’s or Ruth ‘s Chris would do. Perhaps the soup of the day will be Scouse.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play? It might be a bit of a cop out, but I’ll be watching Raheem Sterling close this season. Last year was ridiculous for him, teams simply could not cope and he was stunning at times. I still say he’s far too right footed as it seems 85% of his touches are with his right and maybe even a higher percentage when dribbling at speed. It will be interesting to see if defenses learn to cope with him. I have a hunch they will, unfortunately. I would force him onto his left foot all day long.


 What is your favorite LFC Goal? For me it is Stevie G’s equalizer in stoppage time in the 2006 FA Cup Final. Certainly he was thinking the shot was either going to go flying in the net or into the top row of the stand – there was no in between. He was suffering before that, cramping and having a hard time moving. Then an opportunity popped up and, well, you know the rest.

Have you ever seen Liverpool play live? I have not. I guess my first time will be at Anfield!

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match? I’m a IPA guy most of the time, so I’ll say Triton’s Railsplitter. I’ve been dabbling in some sour beers lately as well.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have? I have coached youth baseball/softball for more than 20 seasons combined, and have refereed CYO basketball. I’m an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and have attended 11 World Series Games. I get beat by my sons on FIFA on the PS3 regularly. I was unbelievable on PS1, please note. I watch a lot of NFL but if you ask me who is the #4 receiver or backup Center from any team, I might struggle a bit.

What makes you most proud to support LFC? The instant connection you have with fellow Reds. I met a Scouser when I was working in Lebanon, IN years ago, his accent was unmistakable of course. I let him know I was a football fan and simply asked him “Red or Blue.” His face lit up and he shouted “RED!” I showed him my beat up Liverpool keychain and we chatted a bit, including how difficult it was to get LFC stuff in Indiana back then. The next day he came back to where I worked and brought me two cups, a coffee mug, some pens and pencils, that sort of thing. I didn’t even know his name.

 Best thing about being an Indy Red? Watching big matches at Union Jack or Chatham Tap Fishers with other passionate Reds. For 90 minutes the grass does not need mowed, there are no bills at home and I don’t have an email inbox. It’s a complete release for me, 90 minutes shared with some fun people, linked by this great club. The idea that so many people here in Indianapolis could be drawn together, simply by being like minded about a Football Club on another continent… well, I love that.


Thank you so much Bryan for being our first guest on Indy Reds Fan Focus. Pretty cool stuff right? If you’d like to be one of our Indy Reds spotlighted hit us up on Twitter or Facebook or email us & I can send the questionnaire to you.


Alright some LFC News:
LFC have signed young right back Javier Manquillo to loan deal with an option to buy. Should be a very nice signing for the club, could send a message to Glen Johnson that his time in Red is coming to a close.
Pepe Reina looks to be on his way out signing with Bayern Munich. So he goes from one bench to another bench. Still good business, it takes a large chunk off of our wage bill that can be used elsewhere & for Pepe it gives him a chance, even if it is riding the pine to win a couple winners medals with powerhouse Bayern.

USA Tour has come to a close. Great turnout & support at the stops the club made. You can bet they will keep tapping into the USA market & hopefully will be back in 2 more years. Some good news for us as a Supporters Club is that it looks like LFC are pushing hard to get more Official Supporters Clubs here in the USA & to raise their awareness & presence more in the States, so it is looking very likely that this fall we will get a approved. Remember even though we have hit our numbers we need to, still if you Renew or buy a New LFC membership please get that membership number emailed to us so we can add you to the list & keep growing.

For all of our Indy Reds going to the Indy Eleven match tonight have fun, be safe, hopefully they can get a home win.