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Fan Focus. Your new chairman and board.

Welcome back Indy Reds! We’ve got a special post and fan focus up for you today. As most of you know I(Nile) made the decision to step down as chairman of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Indianapolis. Well we are here today to announce that Trey Higdon will be your new Chairman of LFC Indy. Helping him and you out and rounding out the board will be Bryan Smith as the Vice Chairman and Boback Lotfalian. The board will stay this way till the end of the season then it potentially will be expanded. I have complete faith in these 3 to take LFC Indy onward and to the next level. Trey has a good background in PR and photo/video skills which I think will be great for the Supporters Club.  He is young and passionate about LFC. I look forward to watching him take on this task.
So in honor of your new chairman here is an Indy Red Fan Focus.

Name: Trey Higdon

How did you pick Liverpool as your team?
I can actually thank my brother, Kyle, for this. He has been a huge Liverpool supporter since his high school days. While I may not have been as exposed to it when I was younger, his persistence to getting me to get back into soccer has brought me where I am today. In addition to that, I would have to say the camaraderie and spirit the team and the fans exude is awe-inspiring. It’s the sense of brotherhood and togetherness I feel when I’m sitting at UJ’s or at home watching a match that makes me proud to say that LFC is my team.

First LFC memory?
My first and my favorite memory can be answered together. In 2012, I had the privilege to see LFC take on Tottenham in Baltimore. Probably one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It is extremely satisfying to say I was able to see Carragher and Gerrard play with a Liverbird upon their chests. It was also nice to see Sterling play before he became a total prat. The attendance at the match that day was 42,723, but it was like walking into a sea of red with all of the LFC supporters lining the stadium.stands
Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match?
Like most fans that I’ve seen, I make sure to wear my jersey and kiss the crest.

Where were you during Istanbul?
Sadly, I wasn’t into soccer a whole lot at this point in time, so most likely I was at work. Although, I have seen the match since then.

Favorite Current Player and Why?
Tough choice, but I would say either Sakho or Rossiter. Both players are skilled beyond belief, have great attitudes and have enough energy that would rival the Kop with a full house.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why?
Easy, Daniel Agger. Apparent skills aside, Agger is the true definition of loyalty when it comes to players who have worn an LFC kit.

Favorite LFC kit ever?
While others may disagree, I’m quite partial to the 14/15 Third kit (black and gray striped with red and black stripes going across the body).

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do?
Well, if time travel existed, I would travel back and slap Rodgers on two separate occasions: Letting Suarez and Gerrard go. I suppose in the realm of “reality” without time travel, I would make my primary focus less on transfers for the day and put my effort towards solidifying a permanent position for Klopp.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info?
This Is Anfield, Mirror UK, Metro (Rebecca Perry).flaggates

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?
No other place than Indy’s Anfield, Union Jack’s.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Rossiter. The kid has spirit and passion not only for the sport, but for LFC. Very Gerrard like in most of his views towards being an LFC player. It’s always refreshing to see him beaming ear-to-ear, win or lose, after getting to play.

Favorite LFC Goal?
While it was far from the best game (and not the best way to send off a legend), I’m going to have to say Gerrard’s final goal for LFC. We may have lost 5-1, but that one point signified the end of an era in LFC and EPL history. Being able to bear witness, even on a TV screen, to a momentous event such as that is very humbling.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person?
I have! In Baltimore. Sadly, I had to miss the Chicago game. I look forward to seeing them play in the states again (not to mention the possible trip to Anfield in the future).

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?
I’m a huge supporter of Indy Eleven. Many of you may have seen my photo coverage for Press Row Sports on their site or my blogs (though shameless self-promotions). I’m also a Pacers fan. As far as hobbies go, I’m an avid disc golfer, musician and photographer/videographer. I plan on making photos and videos a more integral part of LFC Indy’s social media presence.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match?
So many to choose from! Such a difficult question and I hate to limit myself, but I’m going to say either a Sun King Osiris or Tow Yard Horse Power (but I’ll drink any decent IPA).

What makes you most proud to support LFC?
Like I said above, the camaraderie. More often than not, I’ll wear one of my jerseys while I’m out and I’ll be guaranteed to have someone shout “You’ll Never Walk Alone” or have a very enthusiastic exchange about the most recent/upcoming match. Last time I wore my Gerrard jersey to a Pacers game, I had an entire row shout “YNWA” repetitively and cheer as I walked down the stairs.

Best thing about being an Indy Red?
The best part about being an Indy Red is being able to go to a common meeting place and have it feel like a home away from home. The first time I attended a game at UJ’s, I was welcomed with open arms and I am now proud to say my fellow Reds are like family to me. I am excited to move forward as chairman, in hopes that I can strive to provide the same experiences for all newcomers to the SC. Even if I provide that feeling towards one new face in our very own sea of red, I have successfully done my job.


Thank you Trey!!

Once again a giant thank you to all of the Indy Reds and some folks from the other supporters clubs who have helped us to grow and be where we are at today. It was a great 2 1/2yr run for me. I look forward to taking in the matches as a fan and being one of the Indy Reds.


Saturday 12:30pm Kickoff LFC take on City away at the Etihad. Be sure to get out to Union Jack Pub for the match. It will be packed in there. Another large match we here is happening in Spain, good news is UJ’s plans to put everyone watching El Classico and normal people eating lunch over on the Restaurant side. All of the Indy Reds(and the few city “fans” will be on the bar side) Make sure though to get there early to get those seats and tables snatched up.

Look forward to seeing everyone Saturday.

Nile Smith-Founder and Proud Indy Red.

Thank You. Face In The Crowd.

Hi there Indy Reds! I hope everyone is enjoying the Klopp mania still. Bright future for LFC is coming.

The reason for the post today is after a lot of prayer and thought is to tell everyone that I, Nile Smith the founder and chairman of LFC Indy will be stepping down before the end of this year.

For those that don’t know the story of OLSC Indianapolis, a little over 2 years ago at the start of the 2013 season I started a random Twitter page called @LFCIndy. I created the page to tweet about and talk about all things LFC so I wouldn’t blow up my own timeline with it. Also I created it in the hopes that a few other passionate LFC fans would want to get together occasionally at a bar and watch our beloved Redmen play. Over the past 10 or so years that I have lived in Indy I would notice people randomly out and about with a LFC shirt on and give them the obvious shout of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone” etc  or see some people during a big match when stopping in at Chatham or UJ’s.  Little did I know how MANY of you LFC supporters were out there.

It was the perfect storm that was happening when LFC Indy was created. NBC just got the rights to the EPL and ALL matches were being shown live here in the USA.
After a few weeks of the page being active LFC started to have that magical season of 2013/2014 where we all “believed.” The amazing play by Suarez and Sturridge will be remembered for a long time.
That helped to have more eyes fixed on LFC and we gained a little bit of momentum early. Also at the time Indy was getting ready for their new professional soccer team Indy Eleven to start playing in the spring, and World Cup was coming up that summer, so excitement for soccer was pretty big in the city. In 2013 really the only 2 places to go watch a match in the morning was Chatham Downtown and Chatham Fishers. Around this time Jay and Chelsea took over Union Jack Pub and they were interested in bringing a soccer community back to UJ’s. The American Outlaws were going there for some of the World Cup qualifying matches. I reached out to Jay and asked if they would be willing to open up early and have the audio on for LFC matches and he agreed. We were the first EPL Supporters Club to call UJ’s home. It became our Indy Anfield. It was a pretty perfect match. As most of you know Chatham downtown is the home to the Chelsea, Spurs & Arsenal supporters clubs plus it is owned by a Man U fan so obviously that wasn’t going to work plus it is 21+ there and I wanted ALL to be welcome at matches. Chatham Fishers seemed like a good match since all ages would be welcome and they had the Chatham name but to be honest I live on the near southside and I really didn’t want to drive all the way up there to watch a match. Also the week I went there it was in the early stages of LFC Indy and it was an early match and only 2 of us showed up. So we landed on Union Jack Pub. It is in Broad Ripple so it is pretty easy for most to get to in the city and it is a local place and it has a unique set up inside and there were no other supporters clubs calling it home so it seemed like a great match.

Then a few things happened that I could have never imagined. LFC announced they would be coming to America during that upcoming summer and they were coming close to us in Chicago. Because of this LFC asked a few American fans how they came to love LFC and different questions about the club(If you’ve ever read one of our Fan Focus profiles on here it was basically that). Well somehow LFC contacted me and asked if I would participate. I was then featured on the LFC website and later on during that summer actually in the Matchday Program for the USA tour. That exposure made our page BLOW UP and we saw a huge jump in followers and interaction.
The next thing that helped us gain exposure was local author and celebrity John Green started to mention us & talk to us on Twitter. He has an obscene amount of people that follow him so that exposure once again sent a lot of eyes towards us.

As the season progressed we had more and more people showing up and the atmosphere that you see today at UJ’s started to take shape. I can honestly say that going to a match at Union Jack when LFC is playing(especially one of the larger matches) is one of the best places and experiences you can have in Indy without actually being inside a stadium. We have had some great crowds. The match v City in 2013/2014 season with the Coutinho winner UJ’s was a mad house. For the season opener this year we had a crazy amount of people show up.

Since then we have continued to grow rapidly. In early 2014 we were continuing to grow very fast and we made the decision to apply to become an Official Supporters Club through LFC and we were granted that status on our first attempt. We created this website and our Facebook page to go along with our main twitter page to make our network of Indy Reds bigger. We are up to 1300 followers on Twitter which is mind blowing to me and we have nearly 200 people in the Indy area who are LFC fans that we have identified on our Social Media channels. We have a wide variety of supporters. Male and Female. Young and Older. We have people who were born and raised Hoosiers to people who were born and raised in Liverpool who now live in Indy. We have fans from all over the globe that call Indy home now and are LFC Supporters. China, South Africa, Ireland, England, Mexico etc.
In the short 2 years we have existed we have had tailgate gatherings at Indy Eleven matches. Have had t-shirts made. Participated in a supporters club futsal tournament. Had Scarves made(very proud moment seeing that) We have had two of our supporters(myself & Bryan) featured on LFCTV. We have been featured on NBC Sports and mentioned by countless former players and media people. It has been a good first few chapters for us.

My decision to step down is I believe I have taken the Supporters Club as far as I can at this stage of my life and I don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to the club. There has been some changes at my work and much more responsibility has been placed on me and I have two small children so my time I have is much more limited and I feel that I can’t take the Supporters Club to it’s next level.

The plan is to find a new chairman and someone to take over by Christmas time. If you would be interested please contact me either through email at or message me on Facebook or Twitter. I promise to the new chairman they won’t be left high and dry. I will provide you with all the resources you need and you will have access to all of the accounts I have created and all of the contacts with LFC and I will be more than happy to answer questions and advise you along the way.

The new chairman will be in for a heck of a first year. With Klopp now our manager there is a lot of excitement around LFC and a bright bright future ahead.  Also LFC will be coming to America next summer(not official yet but there is a 97% chance it is happening) So there is even more room to grow and improve the club.

I have been blessed to be able to have the chance and time to create and grow this Supporters Club over the last two years. It has been challenging but very fun at the same time to get this off the ground and I’m very happy with where we are at today and look forward to being a fan and a supporter still and still coming out to matches. It has been great meeting so many new people and seeing the love of LFC grow in the city.

I would like to thank all of the Indy Reds for their massive support over the last 2 years and the great interactions we’ve had and the continued support you’ve shown us and UJ’s. I would like to thank a few folks individually.

Jay & Chelsea and the Staff of Union Jack Pub: Thank you for always opening up early. Even when it was a 7-8am match and it was snow out and only 3 of us showed up to watch the match. Over the last 2 years Union Jack has been turned into a go to place not just for LFC fans but all soccer fans. It is great to see a place that LFC fans can go and know they are welcome and cheer on their team and at the same time have some tasty food and drinks.

Bryan Smith & Jim Dimitri: These two guys were some of the first people on Twitter that I interacted with. They have a great knowledge and love of LFC and are just two great dudes. They were a couple of the first fan focus profiles we did. They could always be counted on to have some great match commentary and beer sharing with too.
They have helped to bring people in and organize Indy Eleven tailgates we’ve had and have always been great supporters and great stewards of the LFC Indy name around the city.

Rustin Kratz & Jordan Green: These two in the early days of LFC Indy I know I could count on no matter the match or weather or time they were going to be at Union Jack’s watching. Their early support made me want to continue with the supporters club and get more and more people out to the pub for matches. Rustin I have known for some time now, he was the first LFC fan I met when I moved to Indy. Jordan helped to bring that stadium atmosphere to UJ’s by being loud and always wanting to sing.

Once again thank you again to everyone who has followed us and who has interacted with us online and in person. We have created something special and something big and I look forward to watching the Supporters Club continue to grow and we are close to if not the biggest Supporters Club in the city(not counting obviously Indy Eleven support) I look forward to helping to select the next chairman of LFC Indy and look forward to seeing where the Supporters Club goes from here.


-Nile Smith-


Fan Focus. Red Red Wine Make You Feel So fine.

Welcome back Indy Reds!! That long International Break is finally over. Having it so early in the season is never fun.
We are back in action this weekend with a big big match v united. Before we get to some news we have a new Fan Focus for you with a new Indy Red Kristina.
Take it away…

Name: Kristina Mulry


How did you pick Liverpool as your team?
One of my best friends in high school, Andrew, is a Reds fan, and on Sundays we’d get together for brunch. One Sunday (March 2008) he had friends over to watch the Man. U v. LFC game, and invited my twin sister, Ali, and I along. It ended up being an infuriating game, but from then on we were both hooked.

First LFC memory?
The Man U. v. LFC game on March 23, 2008, which was an absolute nightmare of a match for a Reds fan. After 1 United goal in the first half, Mascherano got a second yellow card, threw a fit and had to be escorted off the field, leaving LFC a man down. In the second half, Ronaldo and Nani scored within 2 minutes of each other, cementing a 3-0 win for United. Though I suppose my first Liverpool memory would have been singing ‘Who the fuck is Man United?’ before the game began. That’s better.

Favorite LFC memory?
Gotta be seeing the Reds play live! Particularly, singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before the 2014 Liverpool v. Olympiakos game in Chicago.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions you do/have for each match?
Nope, maybe I should start some. Open to suggestions.

Where were you during Istanbul?
In the 8th grade. Haha.

Favorite Current Player and Why?
Probably Martin Skrtel. He got pretty severely injured in one of the first LFC games I ever watched, which was a brilliant comeback 3-2 victory over City. They were down 0-2 at the half and really pulled it together after Skrtel got hurt. I remember being really excited for his return, and have been a huge fan of his ever sense. He’s the rock of LFC’s defense, and one of the only Reds that’s been around since I first became a fan! Plus, I like his tats.

If you could meet or have dinner with any LFC player/manager ever who it would it be & why?
Jordan Henderson, from the current squad. I bet he’d have really interesting things to say about the club, the players, how it’s run, being captain, and national team. Doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking either. Obviously I wouldn’t turn down dinner with Gerrard, and would definitely have to go with Paisley for LFC managers.

Favorite LFC kit ever?
2009-2010 3rd. No significance, I just like them!

You are Owner of Liverpool for 1 day what do you do?
Go to Anfield and watch whatever’s going on that day. And then chill with the squad, obviously.

Where do you go to get your LFC news/info?
LFC’s website,, LFC’s Twitter

LFC have just won the league, where are you going for a celebration dinner in Indy Area?
Union Jack’s, of course! Or wherever the rest of the LFC fans are.

Newest Signing or Young Player you are looking forward to seeing this year play?
Christian Benteke!

Favorite LFC Goal?
Probably the first of Suarez’s 4 goals against Norwich City in December 2013. It was a 40 yard strike and it was beautiful.

Have you ever seen LFC play in person?
Yes! I was lucky enough to get to see the reds with my sister when they came to Chicago last summer to play Olympiakos.

What other sports do you follow or hobbies do you have?
I’m in medical school, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for sports or hobbies. But I love to cycle and ride my horse, George. I also collect vinyl records and love craft beer/wine.

Best Local Indy Area Beer to have during an LFC match?
Danny Boy’s Training Day. Seriously, if you haven’t had this delicious APA, it’s one of the best in the country. If you’re looking for something a little lighter – Yellow Dwarf from Quaff On!

What makes you most proud to support LFC?
The cohesive nature of the fan network and commitment to the team. It doesn’t matter what kind of year LFC is having, the fans are always there. Regardless of where you’re from, what you do, etc, if you’re a LFC fan, you’re automatically a friend. I love that about this club.

Best thing about being an Indy Red?
Having a group of awesome people to enjoy an incredible sport with. I’m so happy to have found such an wonderful group to cheer on the reds with!

Thank you so much Kristina, great to have another Lady Indy Red it isn’t just a big boys club.


Alright as I’m sure you know there is a massive match this weekend. LFC v united. 12:30pm Kickoff. Union Jack is going to be packed to the ceiling with both sets of fans. I would suggest getting there early to get a good spot. Be prepared for both the bar side and restaurant side to get filled up. Might turn into some Standing room areas in some parts of the pub.

The ULF podcast will be at Union Jack Pub also recording Live. Indy Red Gabe Smith is the Liverpool side of the podcast. Try to jump on the Mic. There will obviously be some banter going on with this being a big rivalry match but remember we are an Official Supporters Club and need to represent LFC globally so don’t go to overboard.

Some quick team and OLSC news
Daniel Sturridge is back in full training. Great news for Red fans. Doubt he will make an appearance Saturday but awesome news that he is back at it and we will see him and that dance soon.

If you purchased a scarf and haven’t picked it up yet you will be able to on Saturday during the match.

Look forward to seeing another packed house at Union Jack on Saturday. We have had great attendance so far for the matches this year, keep it up. Drown out those united bum supporters who show up. It is Indy Anfield for a reason.


Barry BroadRipple match review

Hey there Indy Reds! A new post two days in a row?! I know madness!
Today we have a guest post from a new American Soccer fan Barry BroadRipple recapping the LFC v Arsenal match.

Take it away B-man.

*Large Grain of Salt*


The Liver Poolbirds visited the London Soccer Cannons in a real important soccer game that was worth three team points if one soccer club was able to acquire more soccer ball goal insertions than the opponent in the time allotted by the game officials. The game took place on a Monday, a new English Pro Soccer invention called Monday Night Football that will surely become famous around the world and here in America.

The Soccer Cannons were missing a couple of their defenders that run about in the center of the defense and try to stop the opponent from placing the ball beyond the Soccer Cannons Helmeted Hand Soccer Guy and into the netting that surrounds the Rectangle of Emotion. But sadly the nets were not needed during the 90 minutes of soccer as the Liver Poolbirds did not place the ball into the desired area even one time. They did some good soccer attacks and had the London Cannon Fans wetting themselves on multiple occassions. They did real good soccer passes one after the other and some of them were real fast too. Some Liver Poolbirds fans that lived near the United Arab Emirates Stadium decided to come to the game sang lots of songs so their Mums at home could hear them. It was real neat.

Not long after the intial “Go Play Soccer” whistle, the short guy with a 10 on his shirt from Brazil, IN named Counting-Ho did a real nice ball dribble and then did a foot shot of the soccer ball. It banged off the white bar that forms the top edge of the Rectangle of Emotion and the Indy Reds yelled real loud at Jack Union Soccer Bar. This was at the beginning of the game and Jordan Green, his mates Erich, Zach, David and the new Miss Ginger LFC soccer fan (I don’t know yer name sorry luv) didn’t even have any of their shots of Tequila yet so the yelling after Counting-ho’s foot shot was very genuine and in no way alcohol induced other than the beers that had already been consumed by everyone there.
th-1 th

Niall was in his Chair Man Chair at Jack Union Soccer Bar and he did some soccer tweets about the foot shot that was close to going into the soccer goal.

The Liver Poolbirds regular captain player, Jordan Hendo, had a hurt body part and could not play in the soccer match. This made Dave real happy and he had a Stella or two. Jimmy Milner is the Vice President of the Team so he became boss for the day and told the players what to do on the soccer field.

Joey Gomez, the Poolbirds new left handed soccer defender guy, played some real good soccer all day long, preventing the Cannon players from doing much of anything in his area of the soccer field.

The game was not without controversy, however. One time, the Soccer Cannons thought they had placed the soccer ball into the Rectangle of Emotion. The ball did end up in the net beyond the guy that gets to use his hands for the Poolbirds but the Referee’s little brother said the Home Team soccer guys cheated while doing it. The Soccer Cannons coach did not throw his Instant Replay DVR Request Cloth even though the video replay of the goal was available and shown on the tele. It was a real close call. You had to draw a line on the tv right on Martin Shirtpull’s ass to see if the attacking player was on the on-side or on the off-side of the soccer attack. The few Soccer Cannon fans at the Jack Union Soccer Bar will be complaining about it all season.

After the real loud halfway there whistle, the players took a break and the Indy Reds all got a big smile on their faces the size of Peter Crouch’s inseam when Rebecca Lowe said hello to them on the television. Thousands of Liver Poolbird supporters from around the country wanted to be an Indy Red right then. Rebecca suggested that some of us had skipped work to come watch the Poolbirds and she was right. I heard that one guy quit his job just to be there for the game. Bryan was wearing slacks and a pair of fancy leather shoes and Eavan was all painted up something fierce. It’s highly likely many of the other Poolbird fans were skipping work too, but were wearing their regular Liver Poolbird shirts and hats and stuff. The lad from Wisconsin was both wearing his Poolbirds shirt AND working at the same time as he was seen placing the knives and forks into napkins for the next time the Poolbirds play a soccer game and the now famous Indy Reds want to come watch it while needing soccer utensils for their soccer food. Mr Jay did good by picking a Red to work there for him. Boback was there too but I forgot to tell him that the “T” on his Counting-ho shirt was coming off and he better take that shirt to a soccer shirt store real quick. It’s a real nice shirt.

The game ended with Nil soccer goals for both teams but was a very entertaining soccer game with lots of things to watch and to shout about. That damn Check guy Pete Check played some real good hand soccer, causing the Indy Reds to get pissed off. He was the Male of the Soccer Match.

Marty Shirtpull and DJ Lovren were both real shaky sometimes, but the Indy Reds have come to expect that in just about every game so that was no big deal when I thought about it after the soccer match. It’s gonna happen some more in the next soccer match, so you better be ready for it. The next Liver Poolbirds match is Saturday and it is against the Western Ham Soccer Team. Come out to Jack Union Pub, I’ll see you there.

Have a good day Indy Reds! Almost the weekend time. Don’t take life to serious today. 

See everyone Saturday 10am at Union Jack Pub for LFC v West Ham


The Final Walk.

This Saturday Steven George Gerrard will for the final time walk out of the tunnel at Anfield for a competitive match in Liverpool Red.
gerrard tunnel

Yes it is starting to sink in that the man who has been the face and heart of Liverpool for the last 17 years, this is it for him.
For many people Stevie G is one of the reason they became a Liverpool fan. For some like myself he is the reason I fell in love with this game we watch every week and invest so much time and emotion in.
It is hard to put into words what Steven Gerrard has done for Liverpool Football Club and the game of soccer.
My best response right now is: Thank You. I sincerely thank you Steven Gerrard. You have provided some amazing memories over the years that myself and millions of others will never forget. The goals, the passes, the celebrations. Thank You.
So even though this season didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, come out to Union Jack Pub this Saturday perfect kickoff time of 12:30pm and celebrate with all of the Indy Reds the last home match Stevie G will have at Anfield.
Since it will be a packed house at UJ’s we will be able to take a quick video and send it to NBC for their montage they are looking to do next week for his last EPL match.
If you are on our email list you know what we are talking about. If you don’t I will post the email we(and the other supporters clubs) received from one of the producers at NBCSN. If you can please make your own personal videos also to send in so they can get a lot of content to make a video to send off Stevie G from us American fans.

Hey there Indy Reds!! Below is a message that one of the producers of the NBCSN broadcast crew sent us. I posted this on the Facebook page and we had some responses and ideas.Apparently they didn’t get to many people that actually sent them anything so they aren’t going to do anything for this Saturday but they want us and everyone from the USA to get something too them so they can do it for Stevie G’s final match next Sunday.So read the email below, there is a link to send in content to them.We will try and do something on Saturday during the match to submit it and also since Indy Eleven is home Saturday even something outside there too. But on your own if you want to make a short video go for it. The more people that submit things the better so there is more content for the feature.


Nile Smith

Chairman Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Indianapolis

Hi everyone,

With Steven Gerrard’s final match at Anfield set for Saturday May 16th NBC Sports will be putting together a fan based feature that we hope supporters groups and individuals alike will participate in.

This short-form feature will be part of our continuing ‘I Was There’ series, which is comprised of user-generated footage that fans shoot on cell phones/Go Pros/etc. For this particular feature we are looking for Liverpool fans to take short (15-20 sec) selfie-videos of themselves sharing their thoughts, memories and well-wishes on Gerrard and his legacy at Liverpool. We’re also interested in capturing a group chant on Gerrard (please contact me directly if your supporters groups is up for this).

If you’re interested in participating please send me the content by this Sunday night, 11p, ET. There are two ways to get the footage to me: 1) a QuickTime via email; or 2) by uploading to our FTP site (see attached). If you choose to participate please follow the following guidelines:

  • Name: include your name/group name in the email/uploaded file so we can properly identify you
  • Lights Up: shoot in good light – either outdoors or inside with the lights up (especially in bars)
  • Selfie Video: best taken by holding your own i-Phone at arm’s length (horizontally), looking into the lens and talking
  • Shoot Video in Landscape: please hold phone horizontally, not vertically
  • Avoid Profanity: if signing the Gerrard song please swap the word “shirt” for “shite”

Any questions or concerns please contact me directly. Please feel free to forward this email to other groups/Liverpool fans and thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you!

Best, Mike

I know a few folks have sent in some videos already, great job! If you’re an Indy Red and didn’t get that email then you aren’t in our listings so let us know your email address so we can get you added.

Last bit of Stevie G news, he had is final home press conference this morning. Some great quotes in it.

In other news: Our roster is set for the Union Jack Pub Supporters Cup.
Kyle Higdon
James Box
Zach Shorter
David Higgins
Scott Stewart
Barry Ferguson
Gabe Smith
Allen Formyduval
Nile Smith
These guys will be representing LFC Indy and will be trying to bring the cup home to Indy Anfield with our name on it. Come out and support your Indy Reds and also the best soccer pub in Indy Union Jack Pub. 10am start time at the new Indy Eleven Futsal Court at Rhodius Park. It will be a fun time, plus there is going to be an after party at UJ’s for the 3pm Indy XI kickoff v Ottawa.
uj cup

Still looking for nominations for Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary for our Board. Currently we have had only one nomination and that is for Nile to be Chairman again. Really need those other two spots filled up. They are important to helping our Supporters Club grow more and for us to get more stuff done. Please if you are interested email us. As Treasurer really you just handle the Pay-Pal account and help with any transactions we will do throughout the year. Secretary is a little bigger of a responsibility as you will have access to all of our social media channels and will help post things and respond and help with the site. Chairman will also help with all of the responsibilities too. Just good to have multiple people on the board to make decisions and to help answer any and all questions and concerns and keep everyone updated.

Look forward to seeing everyone out at UJ’s this weekend then that evening at the Indy Eleven match.

Nile Smith

Remember When…

Remember when we used to update this all the time? Yes it has been awhile sorry Indy Reds.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the happenings around the OLSC.
As most of you have seen on Twitter and Facebook in a couple of week 05/23 the Union Jack Cup will be happening. This 5v5 futsal tournament at Indy Eleven build futsal court at Rhodius park will pit every supporters club that calls Union Jack Pub home. One change is the tournament will start early at 10am. This is so after we can have a viewing party at Union Jack Pub for the Indy Eleven match at 3pm
It is $10 to play(you get a shirt and some free beers and get to play in the round robin tournament)

Sign ups end tomorrow so if you still want to play fill out the form here. For those that already signed up we will be contacting you soon to get your shirt size since we have to order them Monday.

If you can’t or don’t want to play still come out and support the Indy Reds and all of these supporters clubs at the new Indy Eleven court that call UJ’s home and are helping to make it the best soccer pub in all of Indy.  It will be a fun time of drinking and watching some sport plus a fun after party at UJ’s to watch Indy Eleven take on Ottawa.
uj cup

In other news we are only 3 games away from the end of the season. So that means we need to get this Annual General Meeting(AGM) going. It is something that is required by LFC for us to hold each year, going over our past year and then future goals for the upcoming year. It is also the time when you the supporters decide on how the supporters club is run and who runs it by nominating and electing our Board.
Starting this summer through the 2016 season we will have 3 board members. If you want to nominate yourself or one of your fellow Indy Reds who you think would be a good fit for any of the 3 board member positions please do so by emailing by 05/13. Here are the 3 board member spots below with a little bit of an overview about each position.

Chairman: In charge of making final decisions for the Supporters Club. Helping to run all of the social media accounts and helping to guide the Supporters club in the right direction by listening and acting on Indy Reds requests and suggestions. Organizing events. Communicating to LFC requests/comments/concerns.

Treasurer: Will handle all of the money(cash, paypal) transactions pertaining to the club. Ex: Collecting money for scarves/apparel, event donations, ticket requests

Secretary/Social Media Coordinator: Will record any meeting notes for official meetings of the board and then also the AGM. Access to all of the OLSC Indy social media accounts(Facebook/Twitter/Website/Instagram etc) and email will help to post in the social media channels news and updates about LFC and the supporters club(Chairman will also contribute to the social media posts) responding to questions coming in through social media and through email.

Now that our supporters club is official and we are continuing to grow and become a bigger presence in the community(hopefully for the better) it will be up to our board and supporters to work together to continue to grow and share responsibilities.
With the new board we will be able to update the site more frequently with more posts and guest articles and keep everyone updated on twitter and facebook and hopefully a new instagram account along with getting more events set up with hopefully also more LFC Indy gear.

It has been great seeing everyone come out still for the matches at Union Jack with the up and down year we have been experiencing. I TRULY believe the Indy Reds are the best fans here in Indy.

To end the post we will leave you with some Stevie G Celebrations since we will only have 3 more chances to see him in Liverpool Red.

There never will be another like him #Gerrard #Legend #Liverpool

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